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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sarah Palin, clothes horse

Forget about McCain's diapers -- look at what they're spending to convert the Alaskan First Family from K-Mart wardrobe to New York chic.

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Must be nice NOT to be Joe sixpack any more.

Forget about McCain's diapers

Now that you mention it, I can't.

Some would not, and might be legally prohibited to, stoop themselves down to her low-budget horse clothes ... I mean, clothes-horse condition.

West Hollywood Considers Ban On Sarah Palin Drag Queens: ..., by steve young, October 21, 2008.

In what should send female impersonators and gender benders falling off their 4" heels and back to the costume drawing board for this coming October 31 dress fests, city officials in West Hollywood, CA are considering a last minute ban on gay parade and party goers posing as Republican vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

"It's not that we're against dressing up as Sarah," said West Hollywood mayor, Mayor Jeffrey Prang. "It's just so tacky. ... We expect our residents to lead the way, not come up with something every drunk notary in Toledo will be wearing."

Yeah, those pandemic drunk notaries in Toledo. That sounds like a good name for a band. Or a payoff line for Leno.

Bill, help me out here. You might see the way I came in ...

I am categorically opposed to outlawing any form of tackiness, but I sense these people are putting on more than dresses here.
By the way, one of my hobbies is the eternal quest for good rock band names. Yesterday I came up with, "That's Impossible!" as in "Ladies and Gentlemen, coming to the stage now, let's have a big welcome for That's Impossible!"

Unfortunately an Internet search has revealed a band named THE Impossible. Darn it.
There's nothing new under the screen saver.

Gee, Bill, I thought it was just me -- I always hoped some enterprising young group would call themselves "Clean Fill Dirt" and then their smash-hit debut album could be "Wanted" and their follow up could be "U Haul" and their reunion album after the stint in Betty Ford could be "Screened and Washed" ...

"With all of the important issues facing the country right now, it's remarkable that we're spending time talking about pantsuits and blouses," said spokesperson Tracey Schmitt. "It was always the intent that the clothing go to a charitable purpose after the campaign."

There have been many BS lines to choose from in this election cycle - lies, half truths, and cynical spin at every turn - but I think we can definitively say that the second sentence there about giving the clothes to charity after the campaign, is the single purest BS line of the entire campaign. There is no scientific measurement in the universe that can compute the trace amounts of that sentence that are not BS. This spokesman has attained absolute zero in the amount of non-BS sub-atomic particles in that line. It is complete and total BS on every level - perhaps even intruding to other dimensions and becoming BS somewhere in another universe. It would have to go somewhere else. There is not enough room in one universe to hold all the BS in that sentence.

Boss Tweeds, anyone?

They can spend a million on this woman & her HICK family...They still talk like Hillbillies.

Bill, how about Palin's Posse?

Palin's Posse

Careful. This is a family blog.

The people of Alaska came up with Caribou Barbie. How about Caribou Barbie and the Moose Pelts?

Or just the Moose Pelts if you don't want to get sued by Mattel.

Then - totally unrelated but inspired by one of the stores she shopped:

Emperor Neiman Marcus.

Warning: Naming bands can become a lifelong affliction.

ENOUGH!! That's it, I can't take it anymore!

On the way to work this morning, I had to hear how Biden released his medical records, but his brain scans are missing from the file. Obviously a Democratic conspiracy. Riiiiiiight.

Then I open up this blog and now I have to read about clothes purchases? Really? Jack, I'm begging you... enough with the Sarah bashing already. And by bashing, I mean jumping on any negative story that comes out about her. Bash her to high heaven on her policies, experience, etc, but clothes? Really? Was the K-Mart reference really necessary? Geez, this is starting to sound like Junior High all over again.

I swear, this election is going to be the death of me.

Where is my viable third party??????

John Edwards's haircut was Rush fodder for weeks, but we can't talk about Sarah's clothes? It doesn't work that way.

Poor girl, has to dress herself in hand me ups.

Sarah Palin is ready to be an idiot on Day One.

The WWE (Raw, Smackdown) has some pretty neat things in their wardrobe used for "fights." Why can't the RNC and the DNC do the same thing with their show?

Joe Biden is a idiot struggling to become a moron. 3 letters JOBS!

Joe Biden is a idiot

Says it all.

There's got to be a pit bull joke in there somewhere, I just can't find it.

Larry K wants something meaningful about experience - how about Palin telling school kids that the vice presidnet is "...in charge of the United States Senate..." Most folks who make it out of middle school have enough of a basic understanding of the separation of power in the consititution to know that is wrong.

Meg - it is typical to use "an" before a word beginning with a vowel in the English language and there 4 letters in JOBS - J, O, B, S =4.

Fashion for the discriminating pit bull.

I think my recollection is right that Edwards spent his own money on his expensive haircut. The point about the clothes (along with the per diem and the travel expenses and the taxes) is that Palin doesn't seem to know the difference between money that's hers and money that's not.

Who cares...good Lord. I bet the suits all the men in this campaign arent cheap either.

But I'd be surprised if the Democratic National Committee is outfitting Joe Biden and his family to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Maybe he scored some free socks?

How about, "You can lead a Pit Bull to Prada, but you can't make it mink?"

I think they'll want a refund on this item of clothing.

She makes Bush look like Einstein -- just as McCain makes Bush look like Gandhi.

Jack: Please stop bashing K Mart. I got a couple pair of jeans there last week and as best as I can tell they were $10.00 less per pair than similar jeans at Fred Meyer.

JJ, thanks for the tip on the "it is typical to use "an" before a word beginning with a vowel". Jack also pointed that out. And there are 4 letters in JOBS. Ask Joe how many letters it takes.

"K Mart wardrobe" is a term of art.

She wants to be the War-drobe Vice-President

Bill, I always thought there ought to be a band called the Speed Queens, and, see, the drum with their band name on it would spin slowly, like a dryer... Sorry, a little off topic. And Sarah's new clothes are probably dry clean only. But seriously, for $150k, they could probably save somebody from foreclosure. Maybe even somebody in Real America.

At least we don't have to worry about Sarah Palin stepping into John McCain's shoes. It seems she has plenty of her own now.

Imelda Marcos for VP!

Look, I know it sounds like we're bashing Sarah Palin, and I regret that.
But she could end up as President and after W., we just can't afford another mediocre, overconfident moron right now.

"Bash her ... on her policies, experience, etc,...

What are these "policies" and "experience" you speak of?

But seriously, this 'complaint' (which, itself, mistreats her in complaining about her mistreatment), is itself a prime example, a stereotype, of the entire hate-talk radio programming schtick. Which, it so happened, has perverted hate foremost as copacetic in a wholesome-consciousness model for a full generation, (USAians born after 1984; when Rash Lamebrain began in Sacramento drive time, his 3rd and final swing at disk jockey jobs, and went nationalism syndication in 1988; marketed as this format, in his own words: "No Guests," so, 'all Rash talk').

And the full time you are listening to him, or any hate programmer, (or reading the Commnent), you are thinking: 'this is a parody, right?' 'The speaker really knows he is lying, right? This is tongue-in-cheek, self-effacing slapstick impersonating an idiot, right? Waitperson, a reality check, please?' It's like watching Colbert -- it gives me the creeps watching to see which of his 'minds,' which of his 'mental' states, he is speaking from, or to. Hey, he's mental. Shoot him. End of story. You don't hire him to be 'entertainer' -- nevermind 'celebrity', in any social regard.

Until now, 20 years on, like they were all Rip-van-Winkle childhoods who just woke up discovering they are in adulthood 35 years old, the place is crawling with speaking voices who imitate hate programmers with no hint of knowing an ethic, one single ethic, the very idea of 'ethical' or 'ethicality' sense. They are crawling 'everywhere' up to a limit of about 17% of the population, max, and a mean value of about 13%. I don't know why, just that mental 'deficiency,' (such as religious-animated robotbrain) afflicts no more than 1/6 of human genes and mostly appears in an average 1/8 prevalence, (1/8 implies the syndrome is inherited from a great-grandparent).

It's the sort of people who think 1/8th is a bigger number than 1/6th.

And that they are more than humankind.

Then there're 3/8 who sorta arrive tardy, or are only half-awake their whole life long, more or less clueless, who mumble along faking it (humankind sapience) by imitating whatever sure-loud mouth they hear wake them. They know not, but fortunately they know they know not. (They are children. Teach them.)

Kids, 1/6 (or 17%) is a bigger amount than 1/8 (or 13%). And, kids, the few folks you meet who are Lamebrains is a minority sort of gene set, destined in life with a deformed non-functioning 'love' sub-organ in their brains -- they don't breed, or if they do they give bum steers. As much as you can understand this ('destined' concept), you are not one of them. You may like to shun them, but they are harmless ... good conscience usually puts them in charge and lets them run churches, dogma keepers, and then nobody goes there.

Sorry Failin' is one of them. Besides donating her secondhand clothing to glamorous size-6 homeless hags, she could also donate her offspring to Bushbutchers. For making himburgers and herburgers -- shunburgers. (The meat's incested with caribou coli.)

In the words of the village elders abiding in the Chicago Stockyards district, (and probably in any Moose-Dress district, too), as the ethical consideration guiding adolescent rites-of-passage with regard to child molestation or statutory rape cases: "Old enough to bleed is old enough to butcher."

Bill, I, too, have had a long history of picking band names. My latest? Gustnado.


It's a warlock thing ... and breathy words that rhyme with 'war.' Nuff said.

Another band name: Bristol and the Mysterious Pregnancies


Palin and the Aerial Wolf Killers

I'm devastated that the RNC is recycling candidate costumes to avoid gift taxes. Unlike Tensk's "glamorous size-6 homeless hags", I am a drag queen who performed in parody of Tonya Harding. Without charitable donations from the RNC, my career may end due to a costume malfunction. If I have to go into politics for the costumes, it may not be as pretty as Palin!

I thought Ms. Palin was wearing Ms. McCain's hand-me-downs...

Under the tax laws of my ideal state, new clothes furnished to an individual candidate by the national committee would be compensation taxable at their actual cost as ordinary income, and the subsequent disposition to charity would be deductible with the deduction limited to market value as used clothing.

"She makes Bush look like Einstein"

I don't get how you Democrats label her a moron.

"I don't get how you ... label her a moron."

Something tells me that's unlikely to be the only or last thing you don't get.

Allan L writes that in his ideal state, the clothes would be income. Aren't they taxable income in our current, less than ideal state? It's been a long time since Jack Bog learned be about income tax, but I seem to recall the good professor specifically saying that a KFC uniform is a deductible business expense, but clothes one could wear in a non-work context were personal expenses. If the RNC is paying Palin's personal expenses, that sounds like income, taxable to Palin.

An anonymous tax expert concludes likewise for Jake Tapper... http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/10/tax-expert-pali.html

"3 letters JOBS!"


Regarding the tax issues of the wardrobe, I think the official position is that she is a clown and the finery costumes.

Bet she hasn't given up the wolverine bustier yet.

Remember McMain said all the clothes will be donated to charity? Because of Sarah Palin's fame, they probably can sell these with a profit, like $300K! It was all well planned. See, some voters (republicans) may pay really good prices for them. Sarah Palin is frugal, and she knows how to make money. She would not do it if it does not make good economic sense.

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