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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You know you want one

The Mrs. and her friend are working on some encaustic art -- fusing images onto wooden blocks with beeswax. Here's one that caught my eye right away. What do you think?

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It's iconic,very Andy Warhol soup can...

The artwork rules!

I have to hand it to you, Jack. At first I thought your approach to the Palin situation was unhinged but seeing the poll numbers start behaving again, maybe it was exactly the right approach. In fact, it was Dr. Hunter S Thompson-esque and there can be no higher praise.

One of the classic learning moments of all time for me was when the Good Doctor was arrested and charged in Colorado. The case seemed pretty solid. I mean Thompson did have acid and dynamite and God knows what else.

Instead of panicking, he came out on the courthouse steps and called the prosecution a "nest of rats" who would be lucky to avoid prison time when this matter was done. Hunter managed to beat the rap and I never forgot his brashness in the face of adversity.

The actual back and forth about Palin - the discussions about what really entails water breaking, for example - was tough reading. But the part about saying she would be gone from the ticket by noon the next Tuesday was a brilliant stroke - in retrospect - fitting of the Doctor himself.

And what I would give to read "Fear and Loathing in the Election of 2008."

Great! Just like the candidate; childish, silly and idotic.
I love it! Really! send it to DK Roe at the O.

You are right Bill, oldest lawyer trick in the book. When you have no chance to win on the facts, attack the character. Good luck with that.

In Sarah Palin's case, the character is the facts. Certainly there's not much of a record to run on.

What facts? Sarah Palin has nothing to do with facts. Lies drip from her mouth like a gentle rain.
I actually watched the speech and heard the line about Alaska supplying 20% of our energy and I bought it. Of course, it was total BS but I never had heard her speak before so I didn't know.
At least when they called Hillary on the Bosnian sniper business she tried to explain and stopped. Sarah goes right on lying knowing she's lying. But she's on a task from God so I guess it's okay.
Maybe we shouldn't tease her about shooting wildlife. By the time the GOP gets done with the economy we may all be shooting wildlife if we want to eat.

You guys realize this is just going to get ol' Bob Canfield all bent out of shape again, don't you?

He'll have to create another anonymous blog just to cope.

we may all be shooting wildlife if we want to eat.

Good idea. Tomatoes are just coming into season now, and the riper ones make excellent targets.

what a waste of wax : ]

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