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Monday, September 29, 2008

ORblogs is back!

Or at least, somebody's making great headway in restoring it.

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Looks like PorBlogs has competition. Friendly competition.

This totally wasn't ready for public use, but silly me, I forgot that people other than me obsess over their log files. John Metta and the group he organized are a hell of a lot closer to a far superior finished product than what I've come up with.

Hi PorBlogs!

I don't think I "obsess over" them, but I do check in to see at least 100 hits' worth every day. And there today was ignoregon.com.

You exercise far more restraint than me, sir. Years ago, I nearly had to seek professional help to curb my lust for analytics.

It came as equal surprise to me when I arrived home this evening, intent on sleeping off my happy hour drinks, but made the mistake of checking my logs for any errors and things like that. I saw all kinds of hits coming from BoJack.org

You are doing a great thing. Thanks.

I obsess over my stats.

I need help. Bad, bad, help.

PorBlogs, ignoreogn, it's great!

This is just motivating me more and more to fix/update BendBlogs with some newer better software. And bravo to Kyle for putting this together.

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