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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shut yo mouth

Isaac Hayes has left us. There'll be lots of talk of "Shaft" and "South Park," but more importantly, the man co-wrote dozens of songs for Stax and Volt when those labels were bringing us the exquisite Memphis soul sound. These included "Soul Man" and most of the rest of what so many of us know by heart from the Sam & Dave catalog. He was truly inspired.

Comments (6)

He was brilliant and died too soon. I completely agree with what you wrote.

...and he was "The Duke" in the cinematic classic Escape From New York. OK, that one doesnt hold up so well, but he was still cool in it. Cooler than Snake Pliskin I dare say.

He was scheduled to play Chinook Winds next month. Bummer.

I just don't know what to do with myself.

(Which isn't his lyric but he makes it make meaning for me.)

I'll always remember him from his guest spot on The A-Team.

It's a shame.

Makes us feel sad for him and uncomfortably reminds us of our owm mortality.

We're all so effin' human...


...the music lives, though!

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