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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Hitchcock meets Bush

A laboratory building that contains a deadly strain of avian flu and other germs is among four that lost power for more than an hour Friday when a backup generator system failed again at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention....

The outage was due to a bird causing a Georgia Power transformer to fail.

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Really the executive's fault here? Next you'll be suggesting that Bush is solely responsible for global warming (oops, already been blamed for that), single-handedly caused the economy to tank (did that, too) and killed JFK(I'm waiting with baited breath).

It's like Y2K all over again. I'm heading for my bunker.

Why too Kate?
Why you, Kate?

What's the topic again?

While being an Independent voter and having no political dog in this fight, the common sense part of my brain is at a loss as to why this is President Bush's fault?

The CDC has been running for far longer than either President Bush or his father for that matter, has been in office, so...

I've never thought about it, but I have to agree with the other Mike when he said that it's only a matter of time before someone tries to lay the assissnation of President Kennedy at the feet of George W. Bush.

Then again, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.


Bush was also responsible for breaking up the beatles

POTUS = head of executive branch = responsible for malfunctioning bureaucracy.

If you have a lesser figure you'd like to take the buck, just name him or her. Secretary of HHS? Or is no one responsible in this administration?

POTUS may be the head of the executive branch and commander in chief, but last I heard, errant birds weren't part of the Air Force. Unless he commanded that bird to fly into that transformer, maybe we chalk that one up to bad luck. Do you really feel that the President is responsible to pick the transformer or generator to make sure it doesn't fail? If that's the case, maybe we need a few dozen presidents, because nothing would get done with that level of attention to detail.

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