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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Retirement Day

A dedicated servant leaves us in the morning. Under the City of Portland's new refuse rules, the 95-gallon roll cart that we have used for many years to hold yard debris will be taken away, having been replaced by a smaller cart that arrived earlier this month. We called our garbage hauler to see if we could keep the bigger one, but apparently that's verboten. If we can't fit everything into the new cart, we'll have to put the rest out as an "extra." We have the perfect can for that purpose, but still, we'll miss the rugged old big boy. His lime green replacement is a wimp by comparison.

Remnants of so many great growing seasons wound up in that bin. Some cast-off Christmas branches and Halloween pumpkins, too. Plus, it's the last remnant of the excellent Dave's Sanitary from up in the 'Couv, the hauler we had when we first moved into this house; the route was sold when Dave retired a while back. His son still drives the route for the new owners, the Heibergs, but it was always cool to have a yard debris cart with "Dave's" on the side.

The one bright spot in the story is the superb reception we got when we called Heiberg earlier today to ask about the resolution of the duplicate carts. It must have been Heiberg himself who answered, but whoever he was was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable, not only about what's allowed and not allowed under the new city regime but also about our account in particular. As maddening as all the city's garbage and recycling gyrations have become this year, it's nice to know that the small business that's doing all the heavy lifting is on the ball and eager to help.

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We'll miss our old behemouth too. It was a rare time when we'd roll it out to the curb unfilled (damn those Hawthorne trees!)

I know it's s'possed to help increase recycling rates, but the new regiment of throwing everything together in one bin --except for glass-- just feels so much less than "recycling" than having two garbage cans.

Security Tip

If left outside these wide based and easy to move bins make excellent stepping tools for thieves to use in reaching second story decks and windows.

I find that coating the lid tops with a light spray of WD40 not only gives the bins a nice sheen it also helps reduce their misuse.

...but the new regiment of throwing everything together in one bin --except for glass-- just feels so much less than "recycling" than having two garbage cans.

Amen to that. It's like going to war without requiring sacrifice - it diminishes the whole, noble concept.

I compost at home and don't want the "yard debris" monster - anyone need it for housebreaking or whatever?

Interesting that my hauler has left me with the 96 gallon yard debris cart I have had for a long time, and have even updated my bill to show that I have it for free now. The wimpy 65 gallon cart wouldn't be enough unless they switched it to weekly pickup for yard debris.

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