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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Live coverage continues

Here now is additional in-depth coverage from bojack.org Storm Center 9000. In this exclusive image, we see one of our local sanitation engineers working against blizzard-like conditions just moments ago:

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Failures all around. I was about to leave for Lewis & Clark when I made a last-chance check to see if school was cancelled ... and it was. Unfortunate for those who had to be there at 7 to open the library -- I could have called this as a late opening at 5:00 rather than waiting until 7:30.

But, it gets better - my girlfriend was taking the Powell bus downtown for work. Got on the 7:10 bus. After a few incidents of sliding backwards, the bus driver said "okay, we're done - I have summer tires and this is unsafe" and told everyone to get off the bus. Kudos to the driver for not being reckless, but what are the passengers supposed to do? Now, she's stuck downtown, with no buses running to get her home, to work or anywhere.

After college in South Carolina, I can understand that snow can shut everything down and catch people unprepared. But this isn't South Carolina, its the Pacific Northwest and the fact that no one has a plan for snow is appalling.

Failure all around.

The Snow Follies!

Looks like I've been spared the trouble, but then I'm not even supposed to be there until early afternoon. Here's hoping it lingers until it's too late to call me in to open and close.

how depressing. Portland has had more snow this year than KF. Hell, COOS BAY has had more snow than this place.

After arriving to substitute teach in NE Portland, around 8AM today, I was informed the school was closed. No pay today. Students arriving from places like Vancouver , WA were turned around at the doors to head back home. On my way home, around 8:15, OPB ran stories that PPS was still open.


They just announced the tram was operating and it's free. The tram is now a response to snow - a way to get up the hill in this kind of weather. Wait, I feel funny inside - I have to lie down.
That's on top of the Drudge story of the condo market collapsing in other cities, leading to a conversion to rented apartments....condos becoming affordable housing.
Gulp, this means the city council could be geniuses......I'm feeling dizzy. I've got to lie down.

At about 12:30, KGW had a live reporter on the scene, giving the hurray to the PHART as a great nasty-weather avoidance tool. All those people who had to get up the hill could just ride the tram instead of slip-sliding away. Genius! And for such a bargain price!

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