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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


When Oregonians start having to deal with tropical pests, we may find ourselves wondering whether this was such a good idea.

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I can hardly wait for the infestations to arrive.
If you haven't ever seen a real live large! Hawaii cockroach...watch out!
And they probably are not the worst thing out there.

No it's OK, it's all going to be sealed in plastic. We want their trash, but we don't want to TOUCH it, ewww. Or you know, have it biodegrade. What could go wrong?

Great: we can thank Disney for this. Wasn't Hannah Montana enough?

I knew it had to be Arlington. It must be really depressing to live in a place whose survival is based upon accepting everybody else's trash. Promising that enclosing the trash in plastic bags is going to inhibit the spread of invasive plants and insects is ridiculous. I guess we're supposed to believe that none of them are going to breach during the handling, moving or filling processes? Or that the moist bags won't create a perfect breeding environment? Sounds like Disney's problem; let them solve it. Ship the alohaul to Anaheim and craft a new "Trash Mountain" ride . . . when it comes to cockroaches, "It's a small world" could take on a whole new meaning.

It always looked so easy in the movies to throw a virgin into the volcano to appease the gods. Why can't they just build a conveyor belt up to the lip of one of their volcano's craters and, "Phfffftttt!" no more trash? Gods might get pissed, I guess. But it's worth a try!

Maybe if they do barge it up the river our nitwits at Metro will get a clue that that may be prefferable to sending 70 semi trucks a day up the gorge.

They're about to let a new hauling contract and are finding themselves vulnerable to every influence but common sense. Which if utilized would train the garbage to Arlington.

Buit no they want trains for people and trucks for garbage.

I would rather have useful methane in the form of liquefied natural gas rather than this less useful trash methane.

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