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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Surprise! Biofuel producers pollute

Funny how the "green, sustainable" sales pitch never seems to live up to the hype.

I heard weaselly Len Bergstein on the radio yesterday, talking about how "green" the Gorge Casino is going to be. Uh huh... hey, I'm stupid, are you stupid? Let's all be "green." "Green" condo high-rises. A "green" Convention Center Hotel. A "green" freakin' airport expansion. It is all... so... wonderful.

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It's MAHHHH-velous!

Except for the 20% drop in fuel economy and higher prices.

Which wouldn't bother me if we could just get the Fireman to dress up like a lounge singer and belt out the below linked song at Candidates Gone Wild:


Of all people Jack,you should know; Green is like: Green Backs, Moola, Denero, Beans,Cabbage, Chips and in this case the most important Wampum.

The other power source that gets neglected is electric (to power cars adn create hydrogen for fuel cells.)

This isn't free either since we seem to want to breach hydro dams, shut down coal burning plants and avoid nuclear reactors.

We face interesting choices, let's hope we don't go the way of the Chinese with pollution and energy galore.

Ain't nothin' for "free" folks!
There are costs for everything. Solar panels take energy to produce; bio fuels cost everyone in higher prices for everything; electric everything costs money and resources.
Conservation and real mangement will help but we cannot continue to waste as we are doing now. And when I say 'we' I mean the entire world population. If we do we will enter the "Soilent Green" world.
Anyone but me remember that movie?; Edward G. Robinsone peddling away on his bike to power the light bulb? Only now it will be one of those funny looking curly fry bulbs....

Urban renewal and density is a better precursor to the world of Soylent Green than wasteful energy practices.

We have a huge resource in nuclear energy. If the French can do it, why can't we?

Hey! It ain't easy being green.

Take it from Kermit.

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