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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Twice as much nothing

Every single member of the Oregon Legislature -- especially the ones who are now aspiring to higher office -- should be ashamed that even with a special session, they can't get this fixed for another year and a half. The issue has been squarely presented for several years now. What a galling lack of leadership.

They don't get paid for their time, and sometimes they don't deserve to.

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Maybe the Trial Lawyers don't want them to. You gotta dance with them that brung ya.

Does the words "Special Interest" ring a familiar bell?

Economic damages should not be capped. These are the actual costs incurred to treat the injury, including compensation for loss of income. The cap on non-economic damages should reflect a reasonable sum sufficient to provide a comfortable living for the injured party in light of the significance of their disability. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 Mill, indexed to inflation. Just do it.

If we don't pay the Legislature for their time and all they do is screw things up, let's pay them to stay away from the Capitol, then operate the state government via the initiative process.

All problems solved!

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? DUH!!!

Isaac shows how easy this is.

"let's pay them to stay away from the Capitol"

So besides budgeting, tell me something they did we really needed done. The stuff like OHSU tort caps they ignore, so I think your idea has validity and saves us money.

If non activist judges were available and willing they could take each case on a case by case basis where deemed. They (judges) could leave the option of out of court settlements or come before them and if really guilty doctors and institutions would pay for the mistakes they make. Frivolity would be gone and the hard facts of doing business would shine on the land.

They should be like Nevada State Legislature. They meet for four months and that's it for the next two years. No long dragged out deals where they finally fund the schools after wasting most of six months doing nothing.

Jack, thanks for the link. It amazes me that the legislative leaders are saying that "the lawyers and doctors don't agree" means the same thing as "we don't have enough time to fix it." The legislature should be able to say, "We'll raise the cap to the level proposed by OHSU" and tell the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association that any further changes have to await the next regular session.

No, what they should say is, "$200,000 is laughable in this day and age, and so is $500,000. Screwups like Jordaan Clarke merit a lot more than that. Let's make it $2 million, and if the sky falls, OHSU can come back with a lower number and we'll take a look at it."

The status quo is no cap. OHSU has no bargaining power at this point.

A loaf of bread is $4. A gallon of gas is $3. The cap should be $2 million.

True, but what they should say has, alas, little relation to what they will and won't say. I don't care too much what reason the legislature gives for its action as long as it reaches a decent result.

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