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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Remember the plan to put an ice skating rink on Pioneer Courthouse Square? That bad idea fell through, thank goodness, but the Rockefeller Center analogies are back. KGW has announced that they're going to build a new television studio in the place where Powell's Travel Books used to be.

Will there be a plate glass window for us all to make faces in front of? Will the Welches con man hang around soliciting mail donations from viewers? Will we finally get to see whether the news anchors are wearing pants under the desk?

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Are we trying to be New York, Vancouver B.C., or some European city?

I can never keep up with who we are trying to copy.

Don't forget Barcelona.

Jokes aside, I'm glad SOMEONE is going into that spot. Having it vacant has made the square seem a little more seedy.

What better place to watch the news than from our livingroom. Beats watching some dudes playing hackeysack.

Will we finally get to see whether the news anchors are wearing pants under the desk?

Has that question been gnawing at you?

You worry me...

I guess that means the attempts to get a bakery sort of thing fell through. Too bad, the scent of fresh baked things wafting up into the square would have been kind of nice.

This, of course, means KGW will demands even MORE strict policies downtown against the homeless and other "undesirables" so the news staff doesn't have to see them, let alone so they don't show up on the air.

KGW will be all set up for Greg Oden's next speech at the Square. You know, the one holding up the trophy ala Bill Walton style.

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