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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sounds of silence

The entertainment industry's abuzz with the news that the big talk shows are back in action. Letterman's made his own deal with the striking writers, but Leno and Conan are doing shows without the contributions of the unionized joke-makers.

I wonder how Bill McDonald is doing. Former host of the blog Portland Freelancer, Bill writes jokes for Leno (and others) for a living -- at least, he did until the strike. I assume he's either a union member or otherwise not virtually crossing the picket lines. It's a sad and bitter deal. He's a funny man.

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I'm not sending any jokes to LA till the strike is over. The tough part is I know a perfect way to continue in comedy - I'm just not sure I want to run for the city council right now.

There's a funny article on the net claiming that it's "against union rules" for Leno to write his own jokes. It reads like a Saturday Night Live parody.

It's funny, but Leno claims he wrote the jokes before the strike, then he tells one about the strike.
What gives?

Woods, What gives is that is called improv.

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