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Thursday, January 3, 2008

McCain coming back from the dead

Word's out that Fred Thompson will likely be out of the Presidential race by the end of the week, and speculation is that he'll throw his support to John McCain.

Looks like it could well be Hillary vs. McCain in November.

Alas, he'd win.

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I predict Edwards-Romney in Iowa. (I never yet have been right.) The best part, though, is only 383 days left of W.

No, a lass, she'd win

Clinton-Paul can take it all.

she'd kill him because the Repub. base really doesn't like him. But don't fret, the media LOVES McCain. The media is his base. You think Chris Matthews man crush on McCain is big now...just wait...I would expect a McCain-Matthews love child in Spring of '09.

You're right. She'd win.

I voted for Kerry in 2004, and the only reason for me to vote Democratic in November is to get us out of Iraq. But if I have to choose between two people who will keep us in Iraq, then I'm going with the guy who actually has military experience.

I meant He'd win. (meh) I swear I'm dyslexic.

she'd kill him because the Repub. base really doesn't like him. But don't fret, the media LOVES McCain. The media is his base.

Geoff, I think the media's love for McCain (and its disdain for Clinton) would help swing it McCain's way, narrowly. Obama or Edwards would beat him, though.


Interesting if Hillary wins the Demo nomination, it says she would lose against the top 3 Repubs, however, Obama and Edwards each would beat the 3 Repubs.

An old poll and I don't know if Zogby has it in for Hillary, but she needs to overcome some strong negatives to win the general.

I think the stock market would like a Clinton-Romney contest most. Edwards gives it the chills and me too. McCain is yucksville kind of like Clinton v. Dole ala '96. Even this conservative might rather see Clinton than Huckabee. Huckabee is down right scary. He sometimes has that wild eye look that makes you think of Jim Jones. Obama's economic impact is kind of hard to figure. He has talked of coal-to-oil liquefaction, invading Pakistan, but simultaneously supports more entitlements.

steve, that zogby poll was debunked pretty quickly. i wish i remember why but the way they got the data was messed up. i remember that coming out and just the next day there was a different poll that had hillary beating all 3. i'm no hillary homer here but i remember that zogby poll being debunked pretty quickly by some of the folks who do polls for a living. all fwiw.

"Looks like it could well be Hillary vs. McCain in November.

Alas, he'd win."

I agree completely. I don't think it's just the media who is tired of Hill, and if it's not the "anybody but Hillary" crowd, it's the "enough of the Clinton - Bush" White House crowd!
No way is middle America is letting Hillary close the the white house!

Why would Thompson throwing his support around affect anything? he doesn't have any supporters to throw.

According to Thompson on the radio this morning, he said thats all BS. He hasnt said anything to anybody about bowing out.

I think it will be Clinton-Romney in November. The funny part...Im a Conservative, and I think I want Obama to run and win, I think I would vote for him over all the candidates available.

And I dont think Edwards has a chance in Hell of winning anything.


Scary, wary, quite contrary, my money's on the null election: None are voted for, because Election Day gets cancelled, because about some time in late April or May (I'm still running the planet numbers) the Debilitation cometh ... if I had money ... if The House would put a handle on the bet.

I can be wrong. Lordy, can I be wrong. However, *however* 'no election' is a possibility, though quite improbable, and for the personal sake of planning a position which can go rolling with the punches, thorough thinking through such things includes all possibilities we know of.

Many acquiesced to the illicit 2K con-job setting down an idiotic ingrate in The Fright House, and those 'many' said essentially, 'oh, it's only for four years, it don't matter, let it be, he can't really hurt anything or derange our Founders' fundamentals, besides, Congress keeps a check-and-balance, and nothing important can go wrong , go wrong , go wrong , go wrong ....'
REMEMBER what you thought of federal foolishness before 2000, and REMEMBER the future as you expected it to be before the Nine-Eleven Op, and REMEMBER a couple million souls are murdered owing to a bald deceit which now demands yet more deceit to cover up the before deceit that went on to cover up the first deceit ... the tangling web goes spinning spinning spinning on us more each day. REMEMBER!!!

Then you know that none of it is coming back. And mighty more of it is coming on -- it ain't over 'til the silver stake is through the heart of hate, and evil kneels conceding. There will never be the way it was again. Not only can we not go home again, we can't even get back in that country. The bridge is burned behind us.

We're never going back to normal life. "Everything changed" means every thing. And that means your life. And future plans and expectations.

The infante terrible has never known or helped one single solitary thing one bit, every word's a lie, and he's not some simple 'goofball,' he's a mass murderer, a killer, wiping out the Earth and all of humankind! You cannot overestimate his insane evil. You cannot even comprehend it in its scale. Imagine if you had a plane that came and flew you anywhere in the world anytime you felt like going ... see, you cannot even imagine it, or how diseased the thinking process gets in that condition. And he's not alone in laying waste and scorching Earth, he's got hypnotic FUXNews and hate-talk radio to help him keep you thinking not to sound alarmed and panic and shout 'Fire!' at what's beseiged your life.

If you had known the possibility of Nine-Eleven Op -- though there are some yet today who refuse to know the fascists did it and have lied about it in every massmedia illusion TV addicts swallow -- and if you had known the PNAC-promised probability of your torment and terror, fabricated from their 'new Pearl Harbor,' and if you knew that possible, and that probable, back when ballots were not counted in 2000 ... how much would you have to trust yourself in knowing, to reach the point you'd raise alarm and shout out 'Fire' to save others? And save democracy?

The Iowa caucusses in January are all very nice and normal jostling and jousting, almost 'politics as usual,' the heart so wishes it were so and 'this' will all be over soon, another year at most. Yet thorough thinking, with REMEMBER, sees that wish can only be by gouging out your eyes from looking at the possibility and probability of fascists pushing the deceit they've started, farther, harsher, worse, and going to obliterate every thing you knew and know, that's never coming back. Such as: Election Day.

See also electoral-vote.com, which is covering the primary polling on both sides. Looks like both party races are too close to guess just now. We'll find out soon enough.

Hillary or McCain?

If that were my choice, I think I'd vote for McCain.

Fortunately I don't believe she'll win the nomination. I think she's in for a thumping tonight.

How to give a Neocon a stroke:

Wasn't Clinton was disbarred from the Supreme Court back in 2001?

Besides, he wants to be the UN Secretary General. That is the perfect position for him...pretty much useless, and could keep him out of trouble...unless there is another "oil for food" scandal.

"Wasn't Clinton was disbarred from the Supreme Court back in 2001?"

Hmm! Forgot about that. A quick bit of googling reveals that he was suspended by the Arkansas bar for five years as part of a deal to wrap up the Paula Jones debacle. That led to a pretty much automatic suspension-pending-disbarment from the Supremes, and he resigned from the Supreme Court Bar rather than contest it. (Or at least attempted to; I don't see any news articles that are definitive as to the final outcome. Nixon did the same thing, but he did it before the court got around to starting the disbarment process.)

Anyway, I doubt that would matter much to an appointment to the Court. If the Senate confirmed him, I doubt the court could refuse. (As always, though, confirmation would be the tricky bit.)

Interesting idea. I imagine ol' Hil won't be the only one to consider him.

Not being permitted to practice before the Supreme Court is an altogether different matter from eligibility to serve as a justice. There is no requirement to be a lawyer or bar member, in good standing or otherwise, for court membership.

I don't believe McCain stands a snowball's chance in July of winning Iowa or New Hampshire.

He's not conservative enough for most R's, he's got too much Iraq baggage for a general election, and a reputation for being hot headed. He'll be gone before Super Tuesday.

I really don't understand who McCain appeals to. He's so much of a compromise I can't imagine him being liked by D's or R's.

Maybe McCain's electable because he don't have haters ... no one cares.

Maybe Bill sees Hill's empty Senate seat as a place where he could shine. Maybe not.

And, because it's always such a confound coincidence, this:

An Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove: How American Democracy Relies on Fascism, By Ted Rall, 01/03/08, ICH

For all we know, there is no slippery slope. It's entirely possible that extraordinary rendition, eliminating habeas corpus, and the torture camps at Guantánamo and elsewhere are exactly what the government says they are--tools for fighting terrorists, not domestic political opponents. But how likely is it?
On April 6, 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive No. 52. Reagan targeted 400,000 people for arrest and confinement at concentration camps in mothballed Army bases. The National Security Council's "secret government within a government," as Congressional investigators later described it, planned to cancel the 1984 presidential election so Reagan could remain in office indefinitely.
People who hate The People never sleep. ... To an optimist, America's brushes with fascism seem like comforting evidence that the system works. ... Few worry about getting shot by trigger-happy soldiers or being detained in concentration camps (unless they're flood victims in New Orleans).
Threats of repression are rarely carried out. They don't need to be.

If potential opponents are afraid, there's little need for concentration camps. The threat of repression (and actual crackdowns, explained away as exceptional excesses and brushed off with a token apology) creates a chilling effect on people who might pick up a rock instead of a sign.

In a country whose legal framework authorizes the government to kidnap, torture and murder them, opponents of U.S. policy must decide whether getting out of line--anything from a letter to the editor to direct action--is worth the risk of getting kidnapped, tortured and murdered.

More voices, same words of alarm:

I Am Conventional Wisdom: An Unstoppable Zombie Wreaks Havoc On America, Arianna Huffington, December 31, 2007.

It's the most frightening zombie tale of the year, but it's not I Am Legend, and it doesn't star Will Smith. Instead, this one features George Bush, Dick Cheney, and a supporting cast made up of Beltway "experts" like David Brooks and Tim Russert. The script is written by a small number of Washington media types. It's called Conventional Wisdom and, sadly, it's always playing at a venue near you.

In this real-life horror, the conventional wisdom about the war in Iraq came back from the dead, reasserting the absurd notion that the more wrong you were about Iraq, the more credibility your opinion has about anything having to do with terrorism, the Middle East, Islam, or national security.
Tim Russert, one of the temple guards of Conventional Wisdom, used one of the classic weapons in its defense: the straw man. So in asking Obama about Axelrod's comments, Russert plays the dumb-dumb and twists the argument:

Obama knocks the straw man down:

Russert, the Conventional Wisdom Zombie, is having none of it:

Obama takes another stab:

Will Smith couldn't have blown away that zombie any more effectively. But, make no mistake, it will be back.

Because the Conventional Wisdom zombies kept hammering home the LIE, however ludicrous it was -- and is.

The funny part...Im a Conservative, and I think I want Obama to run and win...

You're really not the only one. I like one or two of the Republicans, but Obama just seems like the right guy for our time and place.

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