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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sam the Tram has sharp claws

He learned well from Vera.

In a perverse sort of way, I cant wait 'til he's mayor. A citywide nervous breakdown will be fascinating to watch.

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Well at least we would have a mayor that knows how to go through a bankruptcy.

At some point, even as a dedicated activist, one starts to realize how much entrtainment there is in civics. I find myself now and then wishing for things that the pragmatist in me hates, just because the entertainment factor will be so high.

Heck, look at Tom Potter's storming out over the Cesar Chavez thing. It was inexcusably juvenile and an embarassment. It was also one of the best shows I've seen in a while.

Sam may be telling the truth about the "one new change per law" fear resulting in the break-up of the measure. But he's hardly stupid, and he's got to know it's also going to make the pettitioner's lives more difficult. To say that wasn't *also* a factor is a bit disingenuous.

The only real question: what snack should I stock up on for the show? (Popcorn gets stuck in my teeth).

Romain is correct, Sam's breaking up the proposed city tax into three parts has nothing to do with the State Constitution of singular subject. It is another of Sam's methods of depriving voters their ability to vote. When has Sam allowed any major, controversial issue to be voted-like the Burnside Couplet, East Burnside Project, the Convention Center Hotel, the Milwaukie Light Rail, the Tram, the continuance of Urban Renewal areas, The Inner SE trolley, etc.???

His method is to create the problem, claim a problem, create a blue-ribbon committee of like-minded people, prepare an agenda powerpoint presentation, have townhall meetings with only the questions/answers that allow his agenda and not the opposite, promote his agenda with enormous media attention, execute a few opinion polls at taxpayer expense, then declare victory at City Council.

If that's what Portland wants, it deserves what it gets.

It just goes to show that it's Sho time.

According to the WW: "Adams says in response that large stores that sell a variety of goods from food to furniture, actually reduce the number of trips drivers make and thus deserve a discounted rate under the measure...."

This is absolutely hilarious. I can't wait for him to explain to a food co-op why the Fred Meyer down the street is actually more sustainable and organic and environmentally conscious and, you know, just awesome and stuff.

"Adams says in response that large stores that sell a variety of goods from food to furniture, actually reduce the number of trips drivers make and thus deserve a discounted rate under the measure...."
JK: Does mean that Sam now likes Walmart?


Bingo, Kevin.
There's got to be a term for that level of detailed BS. How about micro-BSing?
But Sam left out that bigger stores have longer aisles so they deserve a break for creating more pedestrian zones.

"Does mean that Sam now likes Walmart?"

No, he was talking about IKEA and the big box cluster/strip mall out at Cascade Station.

Do I understand correctly that Sam Adams has recently filed for bankruptcy?


My understanding is that he went bankrupt in 1988.

At least on the idea front.

Man, this guy will do anything to keep people from voting on it won't he?

As much as I love this city, I've finally made the decision to move just outside of the reach of Multnomah County and the Portland City Council. Hopefully Clackamas County will treat my business and I better...

This could really backfire on them.

It's got to be a LOT tougher to pass three new city taxes in a single election than just one.

And he comes up with this just a week after his proposal to move the election date to fill Sten's seat?

How much of this sleight of hand crap is he going to try to pull once he manages to land the top spot?

Adams filed for personal bankruptcy in 1988.

But then he realized bankruptcy might be a political liability, so he said he went back to all the creditors he stiffed and paid them back their write-offs plus interest: that was the year before he decided to run for City Council.

Because "It's the principle that matters" (especially if you're running for office).

Wow, that's a creepy picture of Sam at City Hall in the WW article. It reminds me of Damien in the original film The Omen, but all grown up, write-about-my-private-life gay, and ready to do whatever is necessary to obtain absolute power. Remember the maid who looked after Damien and murdered Gregory Peck's wife? That would be Vera Katz, the "Apostle of Hell."

There's only one way to know if Sam (Adams Family) is the Anti-Christ, but who want's to hold him down and search his body for the mark of the Beast? Not me.

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