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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gloves come off in state a.g. race

This just in from the Kroger camp:

Today, Attorney General candidate John Kroger was ambushed by Rep. Greg Macpherson in the very first negative, personal attack of any statewide candidate for office in the 2008 election. Macpherson launched his attack in both a press release and during a joint appearance with Kroger before the Young Professionals of Portland.

"This not just politics as usual, this is the politics of desperation," said John Kroger. "When candidates have nothing to say about the issues, or their career, they get nasty. I’m a Marine Corps veteran. I have fought the mafia, drug lords, and Enron. I think I can handle Greg Macpherson."

Rep. Macpherson attacked Kroger today for accepting contributions from persons outside the state. "Yes, I accepted contributions from fellow prosecutors who live outside Oregon who took on Enron and the mafia with me. I accepted money from environmentalists all over the nation who are excited about my endorsement by the Sierra Club and my plan to get tough on polluters. I accepted contributions from fellow Democrats that worked with me helping to elect President Bill Clinton. And I accepted money from my mom. I very proud of my career of public service, and I will fight as hard as I can to bring a positive tone to this campaign. My mom is proud of me too."

Things are definitely heating up, eh?

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Is that a direct cut-n-paste? Because there's a mistake/typo in the first words in Kroger's quote.

Not to mention it's a silly attack by MacPherson.

I am sour on Kroger, and sweet on Macpherson. Based on talking face-to-face for twenty minutes with each of them separately, about two months ago.

As just a one point to make (for now), in starting from the Posted quote attributed to Kroger, "I have fought the mafia, drug lords, and Enron," my immediate 'take' on it is: Oregon does not have mafia, nor drug lords, nor Enron any more ... maybe go seek office in a State where your training could ably apply.

Gee. I guess all the meth labs and the Mexican mafia don't count here in good old Orygun. We don't have Enron but we do have PERS.

Do you honestly think that Oregon has no organized crime, drug problems, or corporate malfeasance? It is fine to disagree with Kroger’s platform of focusing on the environment, meth, and child support, but Macpherson’s problem is that he has no alternative plan.

Hope MacPherson.
doesn't get too upset..his hair might get mussed.

Tensky, You have a lot to learn, imho. The inquiry should be "what organized crime may be going on in Oregon and what is the evidence"? Denial is boring and doensn't help us understand where we are, or to move forward.

I guess all the meth labs and the Mexican mafia don't count here in good old Orygun.

Nope, here they are called the "creative class", and people doing "jobs Americans arent doing."

If MacPherson really made those comments, he was wide open to the "And I accepted money from my mom" line. A rebuttal like that takes the wind out of any broad-based attack. Get to the issues.

1. Calling it an ambush is pretty naive. Does Mr. Kroger expect that his opponent will brief him before debates about issues that might be raised?

2. It is elected district attorneys, not the AG, that really enforce the law. Mr. Kroger sounds more like he's running for super-DA, not AG.

It is elected district attorneys, not the AG, that really enforce the law.

1) And the "elected" part of your comment is appropos of what, exactly?

2) And the "really" part of your comment is based on what, exactly?

Mr. Kroger sounds more like he's running for super-DA, not AG.

3) That's only because you've become inured to the stupor-DA our current AG has been.

I profess no special expertise on the Oregon Constitution, but in my basic look at it, it would appear that criminal cases are generally brought by a district attorney's indictment (Article V, section 5), and that DAs generally have the power to enforce laws (Article VII, section 17). The AG is not an independent state official (like the Treasurer or the Secretary of State), but is within the confines of the Governor's office. If someone can find some basis for the AG suddenly going out and taking over law enforcement (or as cc might put it, going beyond being a "stupor-DA"), I think it might be interested to see.

For that matter, while it might be a stretch from his present teaching area, I would be interested in hearing from Mr. Kroger the legal basis he would have for trying to carry out his tough on crime agenda.

I don't have the statutes handy, but AG can ask the Gov to let them take on a criminal case, and as far as people know, no Gov has ever refused that request. As for the heart of Kroger's platform (environmental enforcement, a statewide meth plan, child support enforcement, etc.), the AG already has that statutory power and does it to some extent, it is just not the highest priority.

Nice to see some possible fresh blood coming to the Oregon AG's Office. Almost anyone with a pulse would do a better job than the chair warmer we have now.

Oregon may not have the NY mafia, but we do have organized crime. I trust Kroger's experience to lead the effort of combating such things as meth, human trafficking, corporate slime balls, and other atrocities negatively affecting our good state. MacPherson has defended corporations at Stoel Rives and I don't trust him to actively pursue some of the aggressors that need to be prosecuted, nor do I think he understands the depth to which some of the crime rings are in Oregon.

Coming on here to apologize and say I was totally wrong when I said Harry Wilson was still Kroger's campaign manager. Harry is manifestly still on the ccampaign (and damned energetic about it) but not the manager anymore.

I support Kroger and I have liked Macpherson perfectly well, but this kind of attack is really crap. Also the way Macpherson kept referring to Kroger as "the Professor" during the debate on Sunday was incredibly annoying -- as if that were a slur of some kind. "ERISA lawyer" is more of a mouthful but probably a worse slur. Still, I don't see Kroger going there.

Being harsh on Macpherson would be to call him "Enron's Water Carrier" for asking OPUC to allow PGE to overcharge its customers.


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