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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is it payday yet?

Christmas came and went, but some of the bills are still hanging around. Estimated taxes flew out the door as scheduled on January 15. A couple of other once-a-year tappers also showed up over the last few weeks.

So far the cash flow arrow for 2008 has been pointing in the wrong direction. Today, some relief is due. Deliver us, Lord.

Comments (3)

And courtesy of George W. Bush, you may soon have an additional $800-1600 dollars (depending on your household specifics) to help move that cash-flow arrow into positive, upward territory.

Ka-ching !!

Maybe. If you make $150,000 a year, you may be too "rich" to get a rebate.

Correct, but this all seems sorta surreal to me.

According to Hillary et al, the Bush administration has always been all about giving more money to the rich and taking it away from the middle/working class - those who need it most.


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