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Friday, January 18, 2008

Have a great weekend

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Okay, Jack, I've assumed these Friday treats are based on your personal favorites from the past (and present). How did you find this one?

These are the Boswell Sisters. A friend of ours is in a group that's recreating their sound.

Thanks. I loves me some harmony.

Sorry if this is off-topic, but I hope people caught this deep in Saturday's Oregonian story on OHSU being "forced" to make some cuts.
"March Wellness Center, a South Waterfront health club featuring a salt-water swimming pool and other upscale amenities that opened in early 2006, is likely to close if OHSU can't find an outside entity to take over its management. The wellness center is losing about a $1 million a year, an OHSU spokesman said."

This was on Powerline about a month and a half ago.

So what?

So what?

Mainly that if you follow the link you'll encounter some interesting backstory there about them. At least I thought it was.

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