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Friday, December 14, 2007

It's not funny

Well, o.k., maybe just a little bit funny.

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I love how so many people in this feature are referred to through the nondescript title of 'systems analyst'.

I had no idea Ike Turner lived to be 76. Surprising.

Different strokes for different folks ...

FAREWELL TO IKE TURNER - Ike Turner was the man who discovered Tina who was born in Nutbush Tennesee. He married her and together they had one of the most innovative R & B acts in the history of rock. ... as one who knew him and Tina, who loved their music and has almost every one of their albums, and memorized many of their songs and imitated some of their dance routines as well as white boy could, I will give Ike his props.

He was a genius, a dark genius perhaps—and that’s not a racial reference. When I did the first national story on Tina’s comeback for ABC’s 20/20, I sought him out to give his side of the story, The truth is that the drugs deranged him although I can testify that he shared the powder with many.

Ike’s fall was tragic. ... He was a great talent and never fully got his due. I am as glad I knew him as I was in working with Tina. We met at WBCN in Boston. Both let me into their lives years later for which I am greatful.

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