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Friday, December 14, 2007

A dirty sport, a dirty shame

It's baseball's darkest hour -- so far.

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I'm shocked.
Next thing you know, someone will suggest that there should be no absolutes when society reviews cultural behavior.

Of course, use of illegal and banned performance-enhancing drugs is hardly peculiar to baseball. Good for the game that it has finally -- after years of tacitly endorsing their use -- begun to deal honestly and aggressively with the problem. When will football and basketball?

Shoeless Joe Jackson for the Hall of Fame!

Acquitted by a Cook County, Illinois jury in 1921, but banned for life by Baseball Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis?!

More information:


If the Olympic guys pulled Marion Jones' medals for doping it up, why doesn't baseball take away the Yankees world championship trophy?

They were all juiced up in 2000, and now it turns out they couldn't beat my kids Babe Ruth team without illegal and immoral drug use. They were shooting the stuff up! Like all junkies do.

If we took illegal drugs, you and me, we'd be going to federal prison, but these thick-necked, knuckleheads are gettin' raises!!!

For hitting a ball with a stick.

I'm stunned! Shocked! I mean, Paul LoDuca? Paul LoDuca hits about six home runs a year.

( ... "immoral" ... ??? like, alcohol, too? booze-drug is illegal, in certain times and conditions ... I'm just trying to follow the leap to 'immoral,' and grasp the concept ... heck, DubyaDunceDoofus dot The Fright House is totally coked detritus of back in the day, yet not 'immoral' for that in my mind, rather, he is condemned to eternal pain as (no quotes) immoral for mass murdering millions of souls -- he's allowed to do what he wants with his own.)

Anyway, my topical thought is Switch Victims: for ProBasketball to start performance enhancing drugs, and ProBaseball to start bribing umpires and betting Vegas.

Surely ProFootball has none of this sort of illegality of means to greed's ends, no; they are all out there, running around, only for their love of sportsmanship and the Greek aesthetic of the athlete ideal.

"...DubyaDunceDoofus dot The Fright House is totally coked detritus..."

A new record!!!

It only took squatenedhead til the sixth comment to blame Bush for this!

Maybe Bush, as the TexasRangers owner, was the guy in the lab coat with the hypo needle filled with the dope?


Paul LoDuca hits about six home runs a year.

Not in 2001, he didn't. His was one of the more interesting stories in the report.

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