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Monday, October 29, 2007

Boom times in southern Oregon

I sure hope there's film at 11.

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Wonderful....the job outlook should be so much better down there. With ex-farmers fighting for jobs at Burger King & such.

Glad I dont live down there any more...

Just wait until some animal trumps that precious farmland up here...I wonder what will happen then? Riots?

I find this sad. We have to save farm land at all cost from development. All sorts of arguments are used as to why the farm life has to be preserved. But, when it comes to converting farmland to nature preserve not a peep is heard from anyone but the farmer.

Ah, the vaunted sucker fish, bain of all fishermen. Back in the day, before Copco and Iron Gate on the Klamath River, while catching plentiful fat steelhead, the occasional sucker was a vast dissapointment and left to rot on the bank when hooked. I guess, instead of re-establishing those great steelhead runs by removing those dams, we've instead decided to save the sucker by flooding farm land. Other than preserving a bottom feeder, of what benefit is the sucker fish??

Yes, where were the environmental groups when Wind Farms were being proposed in the Columbia Basin? National news for decades has been pointing out the negative effects of wind mowing machines, but then the O finally has front page coverage today. Where were the groups when 400 acres of SoWhat was filled with nine feet of fill to eliminate being in a flood plain, allowing the Willamette to spread in 100 year flood scenarios and saving downtown Portland from severe flooding. The latest happenings in the Klamath Basin continues the hypocrisies and it bleeds into some of the pro M49 arguments.

Wow, I came to the posted link, I saw a point to advance the story, I conquered the complexity to get it here, then I read the comments.

Which (comments) strain against the grain essaying to retard the story. It really is a crying shame to see so many viable minds lost, rotted, mush between the ears, infected during the epidemic of rightwing hate affliction airborne on nazitalk radio. Thankfully, the worst is over and the naziism tide has begun to ebb, yet there are casualties lying grievously decomposis mentis, walking gawking stalking among us -- in grave brain pain, as expressed in the shrieking 'sour grapes,' vengeful comments.

People things and Earth things were right in the (Klamath) Basin before the US Govt "came to help them" about 1910, and started building dammed irrigation canals. Things have gone wrong ever since. All that USG malfeasance must be ripped out and undone to make things right again. Then, maybe, a Version 2.0 of habitation 'improvements' can be set in place.

Not comprehending such 'century' scenario, (not being 'mindful of seven generations, by our actions' -- as the Ojibawa say it), is symptomatic of mushy, rightwing hate-infected brain.

As my blood sweat and tears stains the land of the Basin, and farmers and ranchers and sportsmen and denizens there are my teachers, and the First Peoples there fill my arteries and veins of current understanding flowing several generations, deep and strong, I may say you'all in Multnomah are foils and talking fools as stalking horses in an imperialist Rape-the-Earth game. You know not of which you speak. Urbanman speak with dumbf--ked tongue.

If you want to help Klamath well-being, accept and move the military airbase there, here. The Basin will flourish and thrive then. Only you won't.

It just is astonishing, and as said, a crying shame, how many are how far gone, past recovery and healing of goodthought. Literally crying, tears on my cheeks.

Here was my advance on your story, Jack. Saying that you could have film live -- see the scene as it happens -- not wait 'til 11:

Something like a satellite image -- at TinyURL.com/3955or -- in this view. (I still mismanage the map-linking parameters, you have to manually click 'Aerial View' and zoom out two notches or so, to see what it shows.) There is the mouth of the Williamson emptying into Klamath Lake. The arrow-straight segments of river must be the levees they're levelling. The bottom-land crop tillage around Agency Lake could be equally profitable in other eco-concordant uses. At least, in this view, people can see the setting, (the Where double-U which The zerO story left out), before anyone goes gnashing their keyboard at the 'imperialist indecency' of seeing raw untamed natural terrain.

And the point, Jack: to see the levees blown live, simply take out the middleman between the satellite images and the internet. The taxpayer-paid satellite cameras should be as fresh and free as the traffic cams, (as it is now, regarding this Mapquest view, you don't know when that exposure was imaged, and where it has been, and what has been photoshopped out or in), Abolish the CIA/NSA/FBI prism-distorting image-info filtering middleman. Another use for live satellite cams might be civilian oversight of solitary vehicles travelling forest backroads in the minutes before suspicious fires flare up.

Thar she blows, let 'er muck.

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