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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Guest sports and media rant

A reader writes:

Is it just me or does anyone else find it odd that page one of today's (April 5) Oregonian sports page carries a picture of late Grambling coach Eddie Robinson wearing a cap sporting a rather large swoosh? The man coached for 57 years and this is the only photo they have of him? Shouldn't the drive to promote one's favorite local brand stop at the obituary -- at least -- of a great man and coach? I don't rant often but this really bugs me.

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I noticed that too.

Did Nike even sponsor Grambling while he was actively coaching them?

I will say I like the old orange "Block O" logo w/ the angry [non-disney looking] beaver in it displayed on the same page.

After baseball players were traded, it used to be fairly common for the papers to run a photo of the player with the logo on the old cap blocked out. That could have been done here. But you know, in these times of intellectual property law run amok, that could get you sued by Nike, or even by the photographer.

So did sports illustrated. Do a quick google image search and you'll see Robinson wearing the swoosh.

Not everything is a conspiracy.

In fact, just about every picture of Eddie Robinson on the internet that shows him on a football field has him wearing a hat with a giant swoosh.

Nah, Steve, I'm not letting the O off that easily. It's about 50/50 swoosh/non-swoosh. As always, just do the google.

Of course, it was probably the sports information people at Grambling who made the photo available.


Every photo on the first page of that link, with the exception of the old B/W one shows the swoosh when he was actually on a football field (on gameday).

I do know that if the legendary football coach at my alma mater (Joe Paterno) were to pass away, you'd be hard pressed to find a photo of him without a swoosh.

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