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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why we live here

Today was the day for a long overdue family ski trip on Mount Hood. I've cruised around on the boards a few times in recent years, including around the neighborhood, but not on Hood in more than a decade -- probably closer to two decades.

It was an easy trip. The grownups were reunited with the west slopes of our gorgeous and powerful mountain, and the kids got to see and do some things that were completely new to them. My beautiful bride orchestrated the whole thing.

So now, the Advil. And prayer, fervent prayer -- but not on my knees, because if I went there, I might not be able to get up until spring break.

Comments (2)

I go up about every weekend because it is the closest, literally and figuratively, that I come to God.

Growing up on flat, flat Long Island...I love those clear days when Mt Hood looms lovingly over the City.

I'm more inclined to wine than skis these days, but the coast range viewed from Domaine Drouhin's commanding heights this weekend made me feel lucky --and thankful-- to be here.

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