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Friday, February 16, 2007

PDC recruitment on the rocks?

This just in from the head of the Portland Development Commission. See if you can read between the lines:

Good morning,

I met with PDC's Economic Development staff yesterday afternoon to share the following updates regarding our recruitment for a permanent Economic Development Director and wanted to share this information with you, as well.

Our search for a permanent department director continues - the position is open until filled. The Economic Development Director is a critical position for our agency and we have set a very high bar for the right person to take on this challenging and exciting role. We will continue to interview top-quality candidates to find the best fit.

I have asked Tricia Ryan, Senior Economic Development Manager, to serve as the Interim Economic Development Director, effective Monday, February 19. Tricia has my full support and that of the entire department. Please give Tricia your support, as well.

Please join me in expressing thanks and admiration for Andy Wilch, who agreed more than a year ago to serve as Economic Development's Interim Director, while still maintaining his Housing Director responsibilities. This has been an incredible workload for Andy and he has managed it with skill and aplomb. Andy brought honesty, clarity, diligence and energy to the interim position, earning the trust and confidence of the entire Economic Development Department. He has provided strategic leadership during a time of transition and uncertainty. Andy's realistic vision of how the economic development effort could be more effectively integrated into the City's broader development agenda has served the Commission well, as has his excellent insight into the resource development challenges. He took the time to listen, to learn, to lighten the moment on occasion, and to lead with a legacy of high standards, teamwork and a commitment to the agency and the city we serve. He has my heartfelt appreciation and support as he returns to managing the Housing Department full time. Housing is involved in developing and implementing some new programs and new resources. I need to have Andy lead Housing's efforts during this critical and exciting time.

Also during this past year, the Economic Development Managers and staff have stepped up, taking on additional commitments and workload demands and have done so capably and with excellence. I offer each of you my sincere thanks and appreciation.

As we work through these changes, I will continue to keep you informed.

Bruce Warner
Executive Director

Comments (4)

Basically this press release translates to:

"We have had this position open for over 18 months and can't find any person in their right mind that wants to walk into this snakepit. In addition, we are basically completely ineffectual as an agency and we don't really care that much about our Economic Development Department anyway."

"But please don't form a union. If you do, we'll be looking for a way to get rid of you."

"Or try to complain about ethics violations, or bad management, because we will get rid of you then too..."

When they send out headhunters, they mean that literally.


O.k., let's not beat the grievously wounded too hard...

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