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Friday, February 16, 2007

More accolades for the Pearl

More and more people are catching on to what a wonderful place it is to live.

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Hey Skinny,
Don't sugar-coat it. Tell us how you really feel.

Too bad the city sold those covers for the Mt. Tabor Reservoirs on e-bay.

He sure didn't sugar coat it, but I really loved pearlgirl's response.

And check out her shoes...I just love her shoes. Only a true pearl girl could were those flaps.

I'd like to see her take that "short walk" from the Pearl to Forest Park in those shoes.

...and I believe "pearlgirl" works for Hoyt Street Realty...in the Pearl.

Actualy, pearlgirl is Chris Smith.

This guy totally hits the nail on the head. The parks system is totally about providing a place for his dog to sh*t, and a strip of grass for him to lay on. Maybe one patch of grass could serve both purposes.

In Portland, the park system is now like the transit system. It's there only to sell condos.

The author of the potty-mouthed post is from San Diego, California.

Nuff said.

San Diego -- a booming condo jungle in municipal bankruptcy. That's nuff for me.

A couple years back a friend showed me her ($400K) place in the Pearl. I was astounded to see that the interior of the place was a simple concrete box. My barracks in the Corps had more charm.

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