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Thursday, February 15, 2007


One of the sponsors of an Oregon bill that would require employers to give moms breast-feeding breaks says that the new law "will have teeth -- absolutely."

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Um yeah... Ouch

see, the silly factor is what sets you apart...

were it not for that, Frank and his friends would have driven me away long ago...

well, Frank and his friends probably wouldn't have driven me anywhere - they'd have bound me and thrown me on a MAX train to Gresham.

...nothing against Gresham, you understand.

Is it Friday yet?

Please do slam Gresham. It only used to be a cultural wasteland. Now it's a ghetto. Nice bit of planning on the part of Portland though; St Johns is beautiful again and east county will be a slum for the next 40 years.

Back in the day when my son would have benefited from this bill, (he is now a teenager, so a loooong time ago), when half way through his lunch/dinner he would get distracted by something across the room that caught his attention, would turn his head, but not wanting to lose his meal, would chomp down with his teeth before he turned his head to get a better look, and stretch the daylights out of Mom's milk container, always deserved the quick little finger flick that she administered to his face. After a while, he learned to focus on the activity at hand, and not get distracted by other events. So today, he is a 4.0 GPA, because he doesn't get distracted by other things around him.

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