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Thursday, February 15, 2007

NYC cop videos of Critical Mass were illegal

A federal judge in New York City has ruled that police there violated people's civil rights by videotaping various public gatherings, including Critical Mass rides, without following guidelines. The guidelines were pretty lax to begin with, however, and it is likely that many such tapings would be legal if law enforcement would jump through procedural hoops set up by the court. The full story in the Times is here.

Comments (4)

I certainly hope the Portland Police film some of the Critical Mass rides here and arrest those who violate the terms of the permit.

Critical Mass has done more to besmirch the reputation of bicyclists in this town than anything else. They need to rein in their zealots or not organize the public rides.

Hope in one hand and s*#t in the other see which one fills up first. Mayor Potter is a card carying member of the bike Nazi's, and who is in charge of the police?

Why can't the police do the same things in public any citizen can do, Please enlighten because I must have missed that day in Con Law. Really, What is the problem with this???

I have personally witnessed a ride on NYC's Broadway, just north of Soho where it is 4 lanes of oneway traffic, and it went on for ever (solid 10-15 minutes of bikes passing one point). There were several cabbies driving full bore down the street, swerving back and forth, with bicyclists moving out of the way fast - very surreal experience.

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