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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Number 2 is forbidden on the Number 12

Here's a story you'll probably be hearing more about. Just about none of the given facts make any sense at all.

Your 2-year-old drops a big one in her diaper. So, Dad, what do you do? Find a Mickey D's with a changing station in the men's room?

Of course not. You flag down a Tri-Met bus. Ask the driver if you can change the kid's diaper on the bus.

And if the driver won't let you on and starts to pull away, chase the bus, break a window, and get yourself run over.

This is why Tri-Met should not go to Sherwood.

Comments (4)

Police do not know where the man's child was while he was chasing the bus.


The only reason TRI-MET is in Sherwood is probably so they can extort payroll taxes from any business there.

You are correct, sir.

Tri-Met (as it was then) even used to go out on 99W beyond Sherwood as far as Rex, until someone noticed that Rex was just over the line in Yamhill County.

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