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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Why blogs were invented, cont'd, etc.

I spend the end of my day, unable to sleep, not thinking about the complicated parts, but giving time only to the sweet parts and the loving parts, sending her something loving and peaceful and painfree, saying to her, "I love you and you can go on to the next place, whatever you want it to be, and hopefully they will have 'hey good lookin' and coffee and lots and lots of food because I know you love to eat. Don't hang around for us, we'll be fine."
The whole thing is here.

Elsewhere, some beautiful poetry about the day after Thanksgiving, here and here:

Think, too, who comes to eat
that bird. Those whose faces look like
yours; those nearly-yous and knew you
whens; those have your same ill eases.

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thanks bojack. just when my sitemeter starts lagging due to thanksgiving-induced disinterest, you come along and give it a bump. hope you had a good holiday.

.... thank you for those links.... they are both incredible....

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