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Monday, November 6, 2006

Voter turnout pooping out?

This breathless e-mail just in from the Multnomah County Democrats:

Voter turnout in Multnomah County began strong, but on Friday it took a downturn. For the first time in days, the number of ballots returned dropped below the level from 2002. As of today we're running 6% -- 10,000 votes -- behind 2002. Oregon needs you now.
It does indeed. Better get my ballot turned in -- but I'm afraid its contents would disappoint the Multnomah County Democrats.

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Ah but Governor Starrett would be AWESOME.

Stay dry and don't waste your time. The pollsters have done your work for you--your one vote won't change a single outcome.

I was thinking it would be good to vote against the GOP this year because they've botched everything and engaged in so much corruption. But the Saddam Hussein death sentence changes everything. This must mean we've won the war in Iraq. As soon as I finish discharging my AK-47 into the neighborhood in celebration, I'm going to go get me a replacement ballot.

I'm in the mood for a tax cut myself. It's working so well at the national level; we should be doing the same in Oregon. Government already gets too much money. The illegals are getting it all.

Cool!!! Right on, dudes!!!

I agree, lets all vote for M48 and get this state back where we were when spending was under control (or at least more so). And M41 is not a tax cut, it just allows you to deduct the full amount of your Oregon State Tax, rather than just $3K worth. But, hey, if you want to call it a tax cut, more power to ya, bro! I mean, you da tax prof, eh?

I never thought I see the day that Jack joined the conservative side, but I guess too much of Kulo, and anything can happen.

Tax cuts are great when combined with sound fiscal policy. It's the spending, stupid. Now there's a gem of a campaign tagline.

I'm afraid its contents would disappoint the Multnomah County Democrats.

Careful. Kari might break your kneecaps on the way.

My little AK-47 is all the "government" I need.

My little AK-47 is all the "government" I need.

See your AK with my M-16. Raise you with my B-2. :-)

Measure 48 would kill the pending stadium expansion for my beloved OSU Beavers. My love of the Beavs outweighs my anti-tax instincts.

Did everyone write in Charles Hendersen?

The ballot box at my local library branch this afternoon was pretty full.

Some nitwit was quoted in the paper the other day saying we were on track for a 71% turnout. That's enough to make even the conscientious put their stamps away.

With the four ballots that we got for our now household of two, maybe we can help out the voter turnout numbers. Thanks Secretary of State Bradbury.

Purple Fingers are a must, if in our government we are to trust!

Actually, since that email, we got the mid-day matchback - and all looks well.

If the constitution can be used to place a maximum lid based on funny stats then I suppose the constitution could also be used to mandate spending at no less than the rate of growth of the money supply. The POOR might just as well support 48, obtain a judicial ruling that supports the tactic, then swing a bat at Dick Armey and his funny logic with a follow-up initiative based on the level of expansion of the money supply (which is a slightly less funny stat). I might support it, so long as the Democrats cave on taxing as ordinary income all monetary expansion induced asset price hyper-inflation; and in the same year within which one has the option to claim an asset price loss even without selling the asset.

Figure it out Kari, or go ask Alice.

At least Daniel Ortega won.... Vote Sandinista!

See your AK with my M-16. Raise you with my B-2. :-)

You mean, "Raze you with my B-2."\


Whoa, Herk and Mike T... don't get out the ruler to measure your 'guns' now.

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