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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Portland cop union to concerned residents: Screw you

The head of the Portland police union has decided it would be funny to give prizes to the officers who use the most force in making arrests -- including Christopher Humphreys, the notorious "thumper" who beat a mentally ill man to death on Sep. 17.

What a bunch of professionals. This is not quite up there with the "Don't Choke 'Em, Smoke 'Em" t-shirt or possum incidents, but it shows that little ever changes in that department. Shame on all of them.

Mayor Potter, really. Either do your job and take charge of these hatchet men, or resign.

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Starbucks sells Tazo, right? Let's hope the officers opt for some nice, decaf "Calm" tea.

Really, it's bad enough that they're being rewarded for such behavior -- but offering caffeinated products to people accused of excessive force seems a bit much...

Fortunately ill-tempered cops can't get too jacked up on $10 at Starbuck's.

Way to promote a stereotype, Mr. King!

What? No donuts?

Mr. King's action would appear to be a provocative, spiteful, sophomoric, and inexpensive gesture. It is the sort of gaffe which in the rest of the world leads to media persecution and a political extinction. I presume the police rank and file are savy enough to see that it is counter-productive and makes things worse.

Let's suppose a new car dealership gives a new car to the top 3 officers on a brutality list, and one for each in custody death. Imagine the outcome vis-a-vis the dealership and it's stockholders.

I presume union leadership is highly political and insular. Still, I have some hope that the rank and file might rise up. Silly, I suppose. A foolishly romantic idea of liberty and justice.

Let's remember Potter was in leadership positions in the police bureau during both the smoke'm and possum incidents and he did and said NOTHING to the officers under his command.

So why expect anything new now. He's all hat and no cattle.

While the head of the police union is handing out Starbucks coupons, maybe he should drop by the detectives office. I bet they drink coffee, too, and as trained professionals they can use their deductive skills to explain to him how the official story doesn’t add up. The following is my opinion based solely on media accounts: If Chasse had been this hurt during the tackling/fall-to-the-ground phase, there would have been no fight. Even NFL players couldn’t stand that many broken ribs. And remember: Chasse wasn’t on drugs. That’s why there was so much screaming later from the pain. The WW quotes one of the officers describing the fight: 'He was twisting and turning so that it looked like he was possibly pulling his, uh, shoulders out of socket,' Burton told investigators. 'At one point he had his, you know, his legs facing the ground and his chest facing us, and then vice-versa and, and kicking and screaming.' How can a man put up an intense fight with rib injuries that had already been suffered according to the official report? Twisting and turning? Are you kidding? With something like 26 breaks in his rib cage? He would probably find it hard to breathe, and could even pass out, which is what Chasse did later - after the officers delivered their blows.

Humphreys should be working at a Starbucks.

"Humphreys should be working at a Starbucks." I bet no one would give him any lip if he screwed up their order. No union though to hide behind and he'd have to work on his 'people skills'.

The attached link to photos highlights the tragic irony in all this. http://www.mentalhealthportland.org/Marquez.htm
So after committing a heinous crime, apparently Officer Humphreys had time to waltz to Starbucks, grab a cup of coffee and waltz back to the scene of his crime. At the same time, apparently the paramedics are doing absolutely nothing. That's perfect. I can't help but wonder that if such time weren't callously wasted, would Mr. Chasse be alive? Probably not, sadly, because once the medical emergency became apparent, it was easier for the officers to allow Mr. Chasse to die rather than risk him testifying as to what actually happened, and that goes a long way to explaining why you pull off the road when you're 3 minutes from the hospital.

Every aspect of this horrible incident starting with the police misconduct and ending with the joke of a grand jury is repugnant and reprehensible. If we citizens don't demand accountability (from the police, the DA, the mayor and anyone else with a hand in this b.s.), how many more innocent citizens will have to die before we say enough?

"his union members have been victims"


This nonsense has to stop. If our elected leaders, and the commish in charge of the Police Bureau, Mayor Potter, can't reign in this militia style band of good ole boy brothers (and sisters) it is time to replace them with people who are willing to buck the sad status quo. If Leonard is taking on Potter over the PDC, Adams taking on the Mayor over taxes, security in city hall, or whatever the weekly controvesy is, they should be holding is nuts to the fire over this.

frankly, I smell a lot of BROTHERHOOD OF THE STRONG hubric arrogance in all of this tragedy, and it disturbs me greatly that Potter hasn't a set of balls to take 'em on and force them to be ACCOUNTABLE for their wrongs.

They've surely got "something" on Potter that they are holding over him.

How else can one rationalized Potter's dismal performance on this matter??????

I don't understand why you folks up there haven't taken to the streets about this. If anything calls for a march on City Hall (and right on in the front door and up the stairs to the Mayor's office) this is it.

Or maybe y'all should pick a city council meeting and pack it with a hundred people who peacefully hold up "FIRE HUMPHREYS" signs.

This is election day, people. Remember who is supposed to be in charge.

Those gift cards are going to cost the City big time by increasing the settlement value of the Chasse lawsuit.

It's always been my contention that the Portland Police Union's activities involving protecting officers who violate civil rights, steal by lying on time cards, and protecting officers who murder civilians and abuse their wives in fact makes it a prime candidate for prosecution on the federal RICO (corrupt organizations and racketeering) laws. However, the feds tend to look the other way at what local cops do and unlike some states where either the state police (eg. NY) or the state bureau of investigations (eg. NC) there is no one in Oregon who truly polices local cops (because the internal reivew boards are a freaking joke).

i think we, as portlanders, have a lot of self-criticism to do.

we felt good when the mayor and police chief told the fbi to get lost

but we failed to recognize that our police force is corrupted from the top brass down.

thus, the silly idea that enemy of your enemy is your friend is just stupid.

as soon as any police brutalit cases occured, we should call in FEDERAL PROSECUTORS!

we are living among swines! and we can smell?!

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