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Sunday, November 5, 2006

If there's a nuclear holocaust, they'll be world champs

The Trail Blazers won again last night -- pulling out a win in the clutch at the end of the game. And it seems their strong performance was fired up by a member of the opposing team, who cruised by the Blazer bench in the first half and called the Portland team "roaches" belonging, as the O's reporter relayed it, "in some dark corner underneath the league's kitchen sink."

I'm glad that the kids on the Portland team showed them who was boss by the end of the night. Hey, they may be the Jail Blazers, but they're not roaches. O.k., if they are, they're our roaches.

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Of course, hearing the news that they were roaches, Zach got out a pair of needle-nosed pliers and tried to light up Outlaw and smoke him.

You’re Blazers, please!

Why would anybody be proud of a bunch of high school dropout, street punks, who are from out of the area, who have a propensity for criminal activity and drug use and whose only unique skills are in throwing a ball through a hoop?

It may be a good year for watching the Blazers. Roy looks very good (he is a well spoken young man from U. Washington). The coach and many of the players appear to have excellent values (e.g., work hard, play by the rules, help your team mates, and don't give up). (We hope that Darius does not upset things.)

Why be proud of the Blazers? Because its called Portland pride. Ya, remember that! Being a Blazer Believer may not be in fashion at this moment but they are OUR team and they inspire our community when they win and dissappoint it when they lose. They may have had some rough times but the Blazers are the real deal now, no longer the failed experiment of money and talent versus character and desire.

FYI: The most amazing sports moment I've ever experienced was being at the Rose Garden during game 6 of the 2000 conference finals against those damn Lakers. The Blazers won that game and it was in part because of the enthusiam of the crowd. The energy there was incredible!! 20,000 people all screaming Go Blazers and Beat LA!

I wish we as a community could come together like that for other issues, like school funding, etc.

Jack, did you ever think it would come to this - putting basketball jerseys on bugs? That was a great game down at the old Roach Motel - I mean Rose Garden. I know someone who was there and he said it was Glory Days all over again. Brandon Roy is a star, and he said they even tried stopping him with Kevin Garnett. I watched the end where Roy made the defense collapse and kicked it to Dixon. Very cool.
Of course, the other night they went into a big drought in the 3rd against Golden State. It would have been the perfect time to call on Adam Morrison if the Blazers hadn’t screwed that up. I know, I know, Adam is all offense(not bad in a drought) but he can’t play defense in the NBA.
Here’s a paragraph from the Sports Illustrated site on the Bobcats win over Cleveland: "LeBron James, who scored 35 points in Friday night's impressive win at San Antonio, never got into a rhythm. He shot just 3-of-13 from the floor as rookie Adam Morrison kept him off balance…."

I was there -- the cheap seats, the ones they're offering for $4 a game through the "FlexPass" deal. As a former fan who stopped watching years ago, it's a great marketing tool to get us back to the arena.

As for the game, the 4th quarter was incredible. And yes, it was loud, the crowd was pumped, and the Blazers responded. My concern is still with the shoddy early play that got them down. Lots of isolation, lots of stupid outside jumpers. I'm glad the "roaches" issue fired them up, but the Golden State loss shows what can happen when they aren't. They teetered towards the same result last night.

I was there in some very nice seats on the corner of the floor. The game was tons of fun - I wouldn't ding this team for going down early like they did since it's still pretty early in the season, after all. The difference was that they didn't give up and hung around the whole game. Also, they played defense! Imagine that.

When Garnett switched over to guard Outlaw (not Roy, that was a mismatch caused by a screen n' switch) the crowd noticed and got even more pumped. Outlaw and Roy were great fun to watch because they looked like they wanted it and they responded to the crowd.

Lots of fun, and I agree, reminiscent of the "old glory days" where people actually cared enough to yell for their team.

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