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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sir Charles Randall

Fireman Randy was knighted by the Mount Tabor neighborhood today. He also turned the "geyser" in the middle of the Mount Tabor reservoir back on. More photos (pdf) here. Looks like fun. (Via Metroblogging.)

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Why hasnt this been working all along
Please take a look at Troutdale also

The fountain was shut down due to damage that ocurred about 10 years ago during freezing weather. The Water Bureau didn't repair the damaged plumbing until recently. I think it wonderful that this landmark feature of the Mt. Tabor Park & Neighborhood has been restored.

I guess it's time to replace the "Please Do Not Feed The City Commissioners" sign at Mt. Tabor Park.

This pic is just begging for the Al Jazeera "release-all-prisoners-or-we-cut-off-his-head" photoshop treatment.

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