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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Free Geek burglarized

When I donated an old computer to the nonprofit known as Free Geek here in Portland a few weeks back, I noted how Spartan their headquarters is. Apparently some tweakers noticed, too, and last night they broke in and stole a bunch of stuff, including some laptops. "Keep an eye out for laptops for sale in Portland loaded with Ubuntu Linux: if you see one of these, please call us!"

Somebody out there has just created some extremely bad karma for themselves. (Via KATU.)

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On the upside, it got mainstream news coverage and a lot more people just found at Free Geek exists. So maybe they'll be replenished in supplies faster than might be the case otherwise.

Indy Media reports that the Independent Publishing Recource Center had its computer equipment stolen last week as well.

That one was probably the cops.


Um, my laptop has Ubuntu....

You are under arrest. Not for stealing a laptop -- for using open source. Commie.

My former office in outer S.E. was burglarized by tweakers about 8 years ago and they took all our computers. The worst thing about it was the lingering body odor stench they left behind...it was foul and lasted for days. Thank the stars that we had our files backed-up and good insurance coverage. A good security system is worth it's money and then some. People that do this kind of thing ran out of good karma a long time ago.

Now thats just sad...damn tweakers. I donated my old computer to them last year, even recommended their free computer program to a few people. (You donate a certain amount of time to their cause, and they give you an older computer with Linux on it...and you learn something about computers in the process.)

Speaking of Ubuntu...I actually ran Unbuntu Breezy on a Mac G3 Powerbook for a while...ran much better than OSX on that machine!

Bill Gates on Open Source five years ago: "That stuff sucks and MS will bury it forever."

Bill Gates on Open Source last week: "If we give you, like 1/3 of a billion dollars, will you play nice and make Linux work with Windows? Please!"

Sure, Billy, sure.

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