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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

On the bench

It looks as though Ginny Linder has defeated Jack Roberts for Oregon Supreme Court. The Multnomah County Circuit Court judgeships went to Cheryl Albrecht (yay), Leslie Roberts (good luck, lady, you'll need it), and Judy Matarazzo (by the tiniest of margins over Overgaard). Our choice for that last seat, Ulanda Watkins, came in fifth out of nine.

Check it out -- all four of the contested seats in which I took an interest were won by women.

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The best way to deal with Leslie Roberts is for the local civil bar, both plaintiff and defense, to uniformly affidavit Roberts pursuant to ORS Chapter 14. Leave her much like the various Portland cops and Mult Co Sheriffs Officers who can't be trusted and aren't allowed into court by the DA -- Roberts should be a judge without a case load, an embarassment to the bench and bar.

Were I not retired from practice thats exactly what I would do with Roberts. She'd never touch a case.

I still haven't figured out why everyone's so pissed off at Leslie Roberts, when it's been made apparent that she let the Guv know like a year ahead of time that the Judge he appointed would not qualify to stand for election. She waited to file. Smart tactical move. No need to raise (how much did Linder's seat cost?) to win.

Er, I meant, (how much did Albrecht's seat cost?).

I gotta weigh in on this one. Few people have heard Roberts' side of this issue. She, to her credit I think, chose not to wade in and sling the mud she had to sling.
1) You's return to Oregon was noted in the "moves" section of the OSB monthly mag that all lawyers get - noting when she returned in early 2004 (obviously less than 3 years before the filing deadline). This is "public knowledge" to any lawyer - including the governor
2) Roberts TOLD the gov's staff that one of the candidates did NOT meet the residency requirement. They disregarded her.
3) YOU waited until the week of the filing deadline to file for the position. Her status could NOT be challenged until she filed. Roberts' challenge was not some late, sneaky maneuver. She challenged You's filing within a week after You filed.
4) Roberts called the gov and You to tell them she was challenging before she filed it so that if she was somehow missing some facts they could tell her and avoid the filing.

The gov didn't withdraw the nomination of an unqualified candidate and You didn't choose to step down.
Roberts proceeded with her challenge which was successful.

The only reason Roberts was the only one on the ticket was because none of the other candidates chose to check the bona fides of You's credentials.
To my mind that makes Roberts the most diligent, most prepared, most "judicial" candidate.
I simply fail to understand why people insist on vilifying her without first learning all the facts.

If you don't get it, I certainly can't explain it to you :O
Question: has a write-in candidate ever beat 23% in Oregon?

Fred, et al.,

The fence-post/watercooler media glommed on to a position and made Leslie Roberts look bad, when in fact, she (in my mind) made all the right moves, including telling the governor about this herself.

The public, who doesn't look past the first thing they read in the newspaper, then sees this candidate as someone who did something unseemly to her neighbor (when in fact, she told her neighbor about the probelm, who should have known it was a problem in the first place), and follows along with the write-in campaign.

Kudos to her for staying above it.

Can anyone remember when there this many
contested Legal Eagle seats?

I cannot.

There is nothing better to watch than a mud wrestling between lawyers.

Bojack gave all of us good view the Legal Arena.

Rockem'and Sockem'

Why Roberts, it profits a woman nothing to lose her soul for the whole world... but for the bench??

And why is it a good thing that "... all four of the contested seats in which I took an interest were won by women."

I usually don't care if the person is black, white, asian or green, man or woman - I would just like it if the best and most qualified person got the job (elected to office). The fact that they are women neither makes me giddy nor depressed. So why is it something that you took note of Jack?

From WW:

"Roberts told The Oregonian last week she had reminded officials to ensure all candidates met residency requirements. But the governor's office tells WW she did not..."

Also from WW:

"In her endorsement interview, Roberts acknowledged she had suspected You, her next-door neighbor, didn't meet the requirement as far back as May but took no action until Aug. 28..."

None of which matters much at this point...

Hey Don -- Leslie's seat did not come cheap -- she put in upwards of $25k to challenge herself.

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