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Friday, November 3, 2006

E pluribus una

I'm a little late with this one, but do you know who looks like a good candidate in that crazy nine-way race for Multnomah County Circuit Judge (Position 28)?

Ulanda Watkins.

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Hey Jack -- I haven't voted yet, and haven't decided in that race (just haven't studied 'em all yet.)

Care to share WHY you think Ulanda is a good choice?

Yes. Why? I'd be interested in why you think her more qualified than, say, Matarazzo or McIntyre, either of whom I'd vote for long before I even considered Watkins.

I've met Watkins (and, for that matter McIntyre). I like Watkins; I think she's a wonderful lady. However, I don't think, at this point in her career, she's ready to take the bench. Maybe in a few years, but not now. No way.

Even with her wearing that Teddy K sticker (which you're not even supposed to do while running for judge are you?)?

I think Watkins's website tells her story pretty well. She knows her way around the courthouse; she's self-made, talented, and sensitive to the needs of the underprivileged. And she's part of a community that's very under-represented in the legal profession in these parts.

McIntyre, a career Schrunk deputy? No thanks. Too much baggage there. Matarazzo's qualified, but she's John Kitzhaber's and The Oregonian's pick? Uh-uh.

Watkins has been in the courtroom almost every day of her career. She may not have practiced as long as Matarazzo but I think she's spent more time in court and understands the role of a judge better than anyone except maybe McIntyre.

Mister Tee voted for Judge Watkins.

That makes her a fringe candidate for sure.

What about Leslie Roberts? What's the consensus there? Vote for her? Write in Charles Henderson? Write in someone else? Leave it blank?

write in henderson...roberts reminds me of the hall monitor in grade school who everyone couldn't stand.

ms watkins has been a lawyer for 10 years. she needs another decade or two before even considering the bench. in the "old days" trial lawyers with 30 or so years experience would become judges. they were, in the main, not only experienced, but wise. now-a-days, the bench is becoming populated by people without the necessary experience who are appointed solely for their political views instead of acumen. let ms watkins spend at least another 10 years as an attorney before running for judge.

Ten years as a busy trial lawyer is enough time to prepare. I suspect that the real seasoning comes with time on the bench.

Note that Charles Henderson graduated from law school in 1997.

that is all we need in these days of crowded courts and criminals out on the streets///another criminal defense lawyer with only 10 years of practice.

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