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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Land o' plenty

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Looks as they are giving us the Bird!

Is that our goose they have cooked?

Wow, it's as if Mayor Potter was willing to let me sit at the table!

Only 'til you've eaten your clean money.

How come Amanda got an invite and I didn't?

That's not you in the center, on the platter? ;oP

C'mon, Dave, you only eat dirty money. (You could have crashed the party, like the guy in the lower right -- he wasn't invited.)

Erik really blends in well with his goofy Alfred E. Neuman grin he looks like a boy just getting his first chance to sit at the grownup table, and Emilie really looks like shes hoisting that turkey. You should create a gallery to display all your photoshop art. The one done with old Civil War Photos with county commisioners was a masterpiece.

Thank you, but let's try to keep it low, lest the copyright police throw me in jail...

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