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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Boom chuck rocker ain't no flash in the pan

It's been three years since I wrote on this blog about Portland rock legend Billy Rancher, and still the e-mail responses keep a-comin' in. So many people were touched by the guy. Here's another one, which I got last night:

I do remember Billy Rancher -- in fact I have a bit of a sappy story. My wife and I knew each other several years dating off and on throughout that time, until she got engaged to someone else that is. Over the summer of 1982 I continually pestered her to "go on a date" (to win her back) of which she politely refused. One day in August she stopped by work and brought me cookies for my birthday, her fiancee was sick and acting quite standoffish. She loved to dance and I thought what better than to take her to see Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods! We had an awesome time down at the Labamba club and the rest is history -- 4 kids and 22 years later.

We also saw Billy Rancher play with Marshall Crenshaw at the old warehouse on the SE side. I did a search because my 15 year old daughter is writing a creative story for her English class here in Colorado and needed an obscure but authentic musician from the early 80's for her story. What better than Boom Chuck Rock to fit the bill?

I do have the album and the CD, but better still I have a remix of a few songs that another fan did with his sound equipment. I'm sure it violates something (not a profit deal) so I won't elaborate. 16 years ago eh?...the saddest part is most will never know just how heart pumping and original they were.

Don't look now, buddy, but it's 19 years now.

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Billy was a friend of mine, and the most courageous person I've ever known. If you haven't heard Here Comes Mr. Groove, the last album he made, after he couldn't play guitar any more because of chemo, you're missing some heartfelt poignant music. If bojackers are interested, send me a note, and I'll burn a copy for you. My favorite song on Mr. Groove is Chemotherapy. He wrote it with his little brother. I think I remember all the words:

"Just three years ago, I was just like you
looking for fun, a romancer
then my doctor's office did say
so straightforwardly I had cancer

But I'm getting better and better every day
Taking my strength from the master
Yes, I'm getting stronger and stronger every day
Making a triumph from disaster

Who would ever thought
Who would ever thought
This would happen to me

No more vanity
This wig looks bad on me
I don't feel so good
I don't feel so good

Who would ever thought
Who would ever thought
This would happen to me"

Who would ever thought, indeed.


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