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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Require a prescription for Sudafed?

Gordy down at RoguePundit has taken this topic, and done his usual great job of thinking, researching, and writing about it.

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I heard a rumor (I know, I know) that it's tough/impossible to get the meth-ingredient out of the liquid-capsules/gel-caps.

And considering how easy it would be to merely say, "no dry tablets are to be sold, liquid-only".... that sounds about right.

I find it hard to fault the state on this issue, especially as the feds right now are showing that they are clearly more interested in cracking down on cancerous pot smokers in San Francisco than the tons of meth that comes across the US-Mexico border every day.

When cold pills are outlawed, only outlaws will have cold pills.

Eventually we'll need prescriptions for airplane glue and Redi-Whip.

I can find a way to fault the state. This is overkill (though amazing how fast they can broker agreement on this when school budgets ... well...)

They haven't given the previous law (moving it behind the counter) a chance to work. A prescription for an allergy? C'mon, folks, I'm not going to waste a few hours out of my day and the $10 co-pay just for a pack of Sudafed.

This will kill pseudophedrine as a product, a product that I have found works quickly and safely to handle seasonal sniffles and allergies. These can be pretty debilitating.

I *hope* the alternative works well--when it arrives in two years! Until then, I guess I better go buy 5-10 packs of the stuff.

Before you go buy five packs of sudafed, and if you have cats, make sure your catbox is clean. You don't want the DEA kicking your front door.

This sudafed thing has me recalling a rumor when I was in high school in the late sixties. The rumor was if you sorted out one color of the tiny, time released particles inside a "contac" cold capsule, you could get high. I don't remember if anyone actually tried it... seemed like an awful lot of work.

Look at it as just another "Income Opportunity" being created for those in the un-taxed, out-law underground economy, which I suspect in OR now well exceeds what occurs above ground and is taxable.

You can also look at your new Cell Phone Tax as Economic Development levy that will help off-set the loss of Sudafed sales.

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