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Monday, June 27, 2005

Off with their heads

The ousted face cards at the Portland Development Commission sure are taking their sweet time leaving, aren't they? Lately they decided to jerk the city auditor around a bit when he started to audit them. The auditor had to go run to the city attorney to back up his authority to conduct an investigation into the endless roll of shenanigans at the troubled urban renewal pork pot.

Exactly what legitimate purpose was served by the PDC's posturing? As extreme a move as disbanding the PDC might be, they sure make an excellent case for it.

What a steaming load of the usual from Team Neil. I hope the mayor is going to demand, and promptly get, a blood oath from the new CEO that this kind of nonsense is going to stop. And I suspect that may require pulling an Anoushiravani on several more of the arrogant miscreants over there.

UPDATE, 6:10 p.m.: I just noticed (while taking out the recycling) that The O reported (kind of flippantly) on Friday that one of the four "finalists" for the PDC CEO position -- the one who didn't have a snowball's chance in Hades -- actually hadn't applied for the job and wasn't interested in it any time soon. Just another misleading PDC press release -- better get a bigger scrapbook.

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How about a Sheriff Wyatt URPP to ride herd on that porkpot?

Readers: ride on over to WW and vote for best everything in Portland (yawn), especially blog (yippee!!!)

Yeah, and if you don't have the time or energy to scroll down to question 186, at least write me in for best lap dance.

So Jiminez is or isn't dying?

Wasn't the reason for Neil's sudden depature from TPG some sort of recently discovered medical emergency? Can't Team Neil come up with a different excuse when one of their people goes overboard? Maybe we should all pitch-in for a "Wheel of Excuses" they can go to when needed. It just seems "I can't do it because it might kill me" is becoming a little overused.

Hey guys, ease up. I'm down for a multi-martini lunch with PDC staff on Friday.

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