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Friday, June 17, 2005

Glad to be unhappy

A front-page story in today's Oregonian about a city commissioner's new blog refers to "bojack.org, which offers a more contrarian view of world events." That's more contrarian than BlueOregon, the doctrinaire "progressive" blog, with which I do tend to disagree more than agree lately.

Anyway, it's an honor to be judged contrary to the political machinery of our fair city and state. Better clip that one out for the scrapbook.

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I've always considered you a practical moderate with a lower-than-average tolerance of BS.

I suppose that qualifies as a contrarian in Portland nowadays.

Do the Royal Contrarians also wear white suits and hats and have a parade?

Even omitting qualifiers such as "inordinately brilliant and amusing," compliments don't get any better.

I think it is indeed an honor to be called "contrarian" by the folks at the O. It means you are thinking and trying to stimulate real discussion of real issues. I think "contrarian" is a vocabulary word of the week over there. The editors reward people who can use it in a sentence. The reality? It seems to me, it is the folks at the O who are being contrarian-who cannot stand people to pierce the jargon of the p.c. crowd and get to real issues and real discussion.Their egos are too monumental. I only took one psychology class in my life-in high school- where I learned about the joint defense mechanisms of projection and denial. So why not be an armchair shrink: It seems to me the O projects its problems onto people who can see them, so it doesn't have to face them. I have heard the employees have good mental health benefits; they should take advantage of them imho.

Of course, Jack, you've got a password to post on BlueOregon, too - and I'm one person who has always enjoyed your posts there. Contrarian or otherwise, you write good stuff. Keep on keepin' on.

BlueOregon is doctrinaire? Come off it. Apparently your tolerance for some kinds of BS is in fine shape.

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