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Sunday, April 10, 2005

In case you weren't sick of this story yet

I can't resist posting a few more thoughts about the late Pope. He had a good sense of humor, he knew how to play the media, and he created some great images that I'll never forget.

Like the time he went to a synagogue. And apologized for Catholic complicity with the Nazis.

Or when he went to the jail cell of the man who had shot him and almost killed him. And forgave the guy.

Or when he got off the plane in Poland. And kissed the ground.

I'll never understand what makes a man become a Catholic priest, or stay one. I don't understand why the church has to be so stubborn about matters that aren't in the Bible, or even anywhere near the Bible. I can't believe a church would declare bankruptcy rather than face the truth, in public.

Far from perfect. But Wojtyla was a great man.

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