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Thursday, October 9, 2003

Comings and goings

News on the blog front: It appears that Rob of AboutItAll-Oregon is pulling the plug on his blog, at least for a good long while. Elsewhere, Narra Design is now renamed AllieBlog (same location), and Sarah of Dub Side has resurfaced (at least tentatively) under the name Next Stage.

A new blog I caught this morning for the first time (thanks to an ORBlogs listing) is Dishpan Dribble, which is the work of a busy mom in Oregon City. Along with the addition of The Idea Salon, mentioned here the other day, I've adjusted my blogroll accordingly.

UPDATE, 5:05 p.m.: Gary Hart's blog is about as dead as his political career, and so off the blogroll he goes. Meanwhile, Michael Totten, a denizen of Portland but a legitimate national force in the blogosphere, is long overdue for a link.

Totten's got some links to some Portland and Oregon bloggers that I hadn't heard of up until now, including Sean LaFreniere, Patrick Lasswell, another Patrick at a blog known as Entropy Hotel, and something called DoggerelPundit, where everything rhymes, even the political commentary. He also steered me to Karrie Higgins's anti:freeze; for a while I had linked to an earlier blog of hers.

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