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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ted Wheeler's magic beans ready for planting

The wonderful, exciting, indeed miraculous new "financing techniques" for infrastructure projects continue to roll merrily along in Salem and some other state capitals in the West. They're still not telling us what these "public-private" deals are really going to entail, other than they're going to be spectacular. It smells like sales and leasebacks of public assets, or at least interests in public assets, to private companies. The Masters of the Universe deny that, but apparently they won't be letting on what they're up to until it's "too late to turn back now."

You can bet this guy knows exactly what it's about. These fellows, too. But you commoners go ahead and ask the State Trezh for details, and you'll likely continue to get nothing but smoke blown up your pipe.

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Given the spectacular performances of SoloPower, Vestas, Iberdrola, and who knows what else, it's not hard to imagine how this is going to work... public funding will be stolen from core services and thrown away to underwrite zany but creative high-risk business ventures that bailed-out, too-big-to-fail banks are smart enough not to get involved with.

Geez, to think Wheeler is next in line to be Governor. This Golden Boy seems like more of the same big over spender and borrower type. One of his latest claims to fame: Borrowing half billion dollars to flood already expensive colleges with in new demand. This is only likely to help escalate tuition costs even more rapidly; accelerating the mounting debt of college graduates, many of whom graduate with low valued degrees (making payback very long and arduous).

Katrina Wheeler is definitely going to unfriend you on Facebook now.

In my opinion this is not only a "New way to finance",
but another version of a "New way to Screw the Public Further!"
Unfortunately all under the guise of helping build infrastructure. Who knows maybe the royal elected ones have let the infrastructure go for this finale!!
Rip City, Rip State, Rip Country!!
The globalists have quite the plan, don't they?

I had the opportunity to meet Ted at an event last election cycle, he is not so swift on the technical question side of the equation. Actually a bit of a dullard.

If you find that you have the chance to strike up conversation with Ted, just don't. You will be sadly disappointed.

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