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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What, no streetcar?

Well, we were partly right and partly wrong. That street widening project on Sandy Boulevard east of 122nd is a state highway project, not a city street project. But oh yes, it's got that Portlandia bikey goodness:

The Sandy Boulevard (US 30 Bypass) project improves safety between NE 122nd Avenue to NE 141st Avenue by rebuilding the highway.

After construction, this section of Sandy Boulevard (US 30 Bypass) will feature:

- A center left-turn lane to provide safer vehicle turning movements
- Two 12-foot travel lanes
- Two 6-foot bike lanes
- One 6-foot sidewalk on the south side only (there are railroad tracks on the north side)
- One 4-foot stormwater facility on the south side only
- Upgraded traffic signals at the intersections of Sandy Boulevard and NE 122nd Avenue and NE 138th Avenue
- Improvements for pedestrians crossing Sandy Boulevard at NE 131st Place, including installation of a flashing beacon

So soon you can pedal out to Costco and bring home your Costco load on your cargo bike. Awesome!

Comments (3)

Once a cancer starts...........

I only wish it had some portland bikey goodness. This is ODOT tacked on terrible bikey expense that few will use 'cause who wants to ride inches from a bunch of cars speeding by? The bike bill needs reformed to allow a little more flexibility in how the mandatory bike money gets spent.

(More arguments for why this was a waste of 3.8 million here: http://bikeportland.org/2012/09/11/odot-sandy-blvd-and-the-curse-of-outdated-design-manuals-76315)

It is a disappointment to not have a street car. &#%*¥

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