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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Here we are in Hannukah, and Christmas is right around the corner, and so it's time to start planning our annual holiday events. Next Wednesday, the 19th, will be Buck-a-Hit Day on this blog -- the day on which we give money to charity just because readers show up. We also ask readers to chip in for worthy causes, of which we offer several for folks to choose from. It goes all day, midnight to midnight. More details will be forthcoming later this week, but please mark your calendar for next Wednesday. We want to see you back here then.

The next day, Thursday the 20th, we'll hold our annual Cyber-Office Christmas Party, where readers join us in making merry for the holidays. It's quite festive, but we can't divulge too many details, because what happens at the Cyber-Office Christmas Party stays at the Cyber-Office Christmas Party. Things should kick off in mid- to late afternoon that day, and go on until the cops show up or everybody passes out. (Remind me to tell you the story of Uncle Billy's holiday punch sometime.)

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At the Christmas party I'm hoping Jack will finally tell us how it's possible to overdose on marijuana.

overdose on marijuana

I hope you'll consider having the party in Washington State this year.

I haven't recovered from last year's

I missed out on last year's, but I'm definitely making this one. The 2010 party was the most fun I've had since the time I got my FBI record for allegedly selling government secrets to the Daleks. (As I've stated before, I'd never sell government secrets to the Daleks. The Sontarans and Cybermen pay more.)

Is that the kind of punch those Beavers got into last weekend?

Oh Boy! But I am locking my Elf on the Shelf in the closet!

Texas Triffid, you'll have to stick to the Sontarans. Gold is where it's at for the coming economic meltdown according to the goldbugs and the boys in silver won't pay in that metal.

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