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Sunday, December 9, 2012

A holiday visit

Stenchy's cousin Reeko from Newark is in town. So far, he likes Portland:

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That's "Enreeko", please.

We don't argue with him about how he wants to be called.

To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen:

"Scuse me Reeko. I've been to Newark. I KNOW Newark. In NEWARK, it's hard to tell the garbage from the landscaping. And Portland, you's no Newark, YET."

I thought you got rid of your slop bucket. Are you keeping it around for sentimental reasons? A way to remember Sam Adams after he's left office maybe?

Oh! The Stenchy archive link is great! Some very funny post I missed the first time around.

We have always composted vegetable matter in our own worm compost bin -- done so for more than 20 years now. Details here. We used to use a plastic pitcher to collect the scraps; now we use the Portland slop bucket.

Meat and grains belong in plastic bags, which we now buy and send to the landfill.

I'm so glad that Stenchy and Reeko get to spend quality time together.
Are they going to get to tour the Portlandia sewers before Reeko has to return to NJ?

He can't go back to New Jersey right now. He's facing charges under the Reeko Act.

I see a family recimblence, no DNA test required.

Reeko's mom and Stenchy's mom were sisters.

In time Stenchy strives to be as big and nasty as Reeko. Dare to dream.

I hope Reeko can say for he Christmas party. He really should not miss the opportunity to meet Mayor Creepy.

Has Reeko been filling you in on Mayor Booker. I suspect its no just the pending criminal charges, but a decline in available food garbage in Newark which has encouraged Reeko to relocate.

That's "...stay for the Christmas party...".

Sticky "T" key.

Could you do us a favor and look at what you've typed before clicking "Post"? It takes two seconds. Thanks.

Is Reeko related to Obama's real estate pal Rezko? That deal smelled bad.

Can you post a picture with the rats and the cats?

Newark, old work, it don't matter. Nobody's got work. Scraping by at the public trough.

Thanks for the Christmas wallpaper

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