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Monday, October 22, 2012

Nothing grows like shrinkage

Orwell would be proud of this one:

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Jack, that actually makes sense. After all, Einstein noted that the closer you got to a black hole, the more time dilated. This could be reporting results from 2009 and assuming that it's relevant because it was the only information that escaped the event horizon. Go even further down, and you'll probably see even more "good news" just like this. (We're fond of looking at the bright side of things down here, such as when we ask "Aside from that, Mrs. Kennedy, what do you think of Dallas?")

They know about Shrinkage, right?

We should call it what it is: Inverse Growth.

Maybe it's time for Portland to talk to his Doctor about I.G.?

Does this mean we get an extra ration of victory vodka?

M@th r hard

You forget this is Oregon. Anything that takes us to the 20th century like cars is backward. This woman is part of that phenomena.

Does this mean we get an extra ration of victory vodka?


"The war for production is being won!"

Well when we are #3 behind Michigan and Ohio in the greatest job loss states, what would you expect?

Failed leadership at the local, state and national levels. We really need to toss the whole crowd.

I do not agree with much on this website and do not often look at it but this is a well researched article:


I do however enjoy BoJack.org and am hooked. Thanks Jack.

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