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Monday, June 11, 2012

Farewell, Mr. Drucker

The guy who played the storekeeper on the fantastic old sitcoms Petticoat Junction and Green Acres, and even in a few Beverly Hillbillies episodes, passed away late last week. Frank Cady was 96 years old and lived his last decade or two in Wilsonville. His acting credits include a small part in Hitchcock's Rear Window and lots of work on the Ozzie and Harriet show. The O did an interview with him in 1995; here's a link that works for us, but we're not sure that it will work for anyone else.

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I fondly remember the newpaper on Petticoat Junction, The Hooterville World Guardian.

Sam was the publisher, editor, reporter, copy boy, advertising manager, circulation manager...

He was supposed to play Otis the town drunk on the Andy Griffith Show but lost the part to the other guy.

There's a "Green Acres" installment in which the farmers of Hooterville get enormous tax refund checks from the federal government simply by writing in and asking for them. The government tries to recoup the money by building a monkey-racing track in Hooterville.

Yesterday's sitcom is today's documentary.

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