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Monday, June 4, 2012

At Duck athletic department, it's car money for all

Thank God people like the assistant volleyball coach don't have to make their own car payments, like mere mortals do. By our count, 32 people are getting a cool $150,000 a year, just for their personal rides.

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A lot of those positions require a lot of local scouting and equipment transfortation, specifically for women's sports and non-revenue producing men's sports. Take out the $13k for the president, and you probably have a push between paying car stipends or having employees log milage. This seems like a nonissue, but when you play fast and loose like UO AD does, the public is always going to assume the worst.

Will the stipend be deemed income for PERS purposes? If so, it will increase each recipient's PERS benefit. EBR

If it's for school related purposes, why not just get a cargo van or car out of the motor pool?

On a related note, how many COP employees have full use of city-owned vehicles? How much does that cost us?

I'm pretty sure they're all driving Nissan Versas (MSRP: $10,990) - right?

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