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Monday, June 4, 2012

Jeffer-Sam jumps up to sneer at Mitt

TODAY, State Representative Jefferson Smith, Oregon Democratic Party Chairwoman Meredith Wood Smith, AFSCME Executive Director Ken Allen and an area business leader will hold a press conference near Mitt Romney’s fundraiser as the former Governor visits Oregon on a fundraising swing.

Up there on the platform with his stepmom, his union meal ticket, and a "business leader" who dares not speak his or her own name, Jeffy will look so mayoral -- positively Adams-esque.

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Reminds me more of Neil than Adams.

Gee, Mom-n-son heckling someone. Looks real mayorial. I'm sure this alone will fill up all the potholes and fix any school problems we have.

You are confused. Jefferson isn't going to fix the potholes. Charlie Hales is going to fix the potholes (so he can put more streetcar tracks on top of them).

Repeat, "cars are evil; cars are evil; cars are evil"
rinse, repeat

There is usually one loser bozo elected from one of the elitist parties to ensure the other bozo gets in.

I kinda think Mitt is the loser bozo this time around. Then Obama can really get on with making the whole country the next Detroit.

But I'm not sure we will get to November this year before something game changing happens.

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